Thursday, August 4, 2011

An update, finally!

Well, yesterday I emailed the Animas rep to see if there was any way that I could speed up the process, and today I got in touch with her over the phone. She said that I could go ahead and just pay up front (as my insurance company does it on a reimbursement basis anyways) and order right away. I was a little bit worried, because what if there was some chance that they didn't cover it? I was hoping they'd cover the majority of the pump, and figured I'd be paying approx $1500 out of pocket for it, and I was hoping the supplies would be covered 80%. The lady at Animas said that she didn't see any reason why it wouldn't be covered, but of course they can't guarantee anything.

So, she called Standard life and we got a rep on the phone who confirmed that YES my pump is covered (approved yesterday) and that they are covering it 100%!!!! I am totally blown away by this, and I am so excited. I have it ordered along with a ton of supplies, although I need to change that order a little bit. I have things like a tamper resistant case coming, when I don't need that one, I'd rather have a bra band or something. I'm going to try any get in touch with her tomorrow and go over everything while I'm on the website and make sure that I have the things I actually want/ need.

Exciting stuff, it should arrive Monday or Tuesday! YAYY!!!!!!

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