Monday, August 22, 2011

EzManager Max... Not so easy!!!

I can't believe it's Monday again, and it's time for my Dr's appt at Royal Columbian tomorrow morning already. Jamie and I spent some time writing down the past month of test results for my appt tomorrow (on their old sheets that look like they're from the early 80's) and after that was completed, I thought it would be a good idea to download my pump data as I hadn't done that yet. So I followed the instructions to 'disconnect and suspend the pump, without letting it fall asleep' and plugged in the dongle to my laptop.

The first try it seemed to have a pretty good connection so I was checking other websites as it sat there and downloaded, no big deal. I checked it after a little while and it was stuck at 76% for a good 5 minutes until the connection dropped and try 1 was offically a failure. Little bit frustrated as this was after a little over 10 minutes, but I tried again and it SLOWLY got up to 30-35% before it again stopped and I got the wonderful 'lost link' message again. After try 3 (very similar to try 2) I was about ready to throw this stupid thing off a bridge and go back to my good old shots. I am due for my period this week, so I am either very emotional and PMS'y, or I am feeling the rage hormones of early pregnancy. Either way, I wasn't a happy camper at this point. I had been disconnected for close to 45 minutes now and overall it wasn't a great situation. On try 4, I plugged it in and left the room careful to not walk too close and accidently shake the table and break the connection. Took about 15 minutes, but the download completed, finally! Downloading the meter itself was easy enough, and I was ready to obsess over my reports and see if there are any other patterns I hadn't yet noticed.

First thing that seemed a little bit odd, is that when I tried to generate the 'bolus vs basal' report, there was nothing there. I looked at the full log and noticed that almost half of my blood results are duplicated (one showing up at 9:00 and one showing up at 9:01 for example) and for whatever reason, it chose to not download ANY of my basal information. I am so frustrated, both with the technology itself, and the results. I thought I was doing so great, but now all I can see are 2's & 3's and 9's & 10's. I am just really having an 'off' day. It was funny though, when I was using the good ol' dongle, Jamie and I were talking about how SMART technology is nowadays, however us diabetes are stuck using crap like 'dongles' to download all of our info. Our iPhones can pour tic tacs from one phone to another, (virtually of course) and tell where the other one is at all moments, and play music and set up PVR recordings for that night in case I forgot to record it ahead of time, but it takes almost an hour for a week of basal/ bolus/ glucose data to download and form a report?

So. Frustrated.I think it's bedtime!

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