Sunday, August 21, 2011

Sleeping in without guilt!

So life is pretty good! I have been hooked up to insulin for several days now and so far the transition isn't too bad. I've had a couple difficult moments, but with testing frequently, I am able to correct highs or lows before they really become issues.

I find I get kind of lazy with my diabetes during the weekend... During the week I am always 'on' and I am so careful with EVERYTHING and sometimes during the weekend I just don't feel like dealing with it quite as much as normal. I know it's not a great way to do things, but it happens. At least I can now sleep in without feeling guilty for missing my morning Lantus! I had a loose infusion set last night which wasn't too much fun. I put it in around 10PM and right before getting into bed at midnight I looked down and it just wasn't sticking right. Replaced it and the new one seems to be much better. It's funny how fast time goes by. You go on an insulin pump and it's great to 'not have to do shots' but I feel like my life will forever be managed in 3 day segments when I need to change my infusion site again.

Joys of diabetes...:) On a wonderful note, I had my bloodwork done on Thursday and my A1C is back down to 6.0!!!! Such awesome news. On a not so great note, my pump trainer kind of offended me when we were meeting last week. I was showing her my logbook and I had a 13.0 and a few lows in there and after I mentioned that I had a pretty good a1c, she said 'well those highs and lows you have contribute to a good 'average' number on your a1c'... I mean I do a really good job, but I have type one diabetes. It is impossible to be perfect. There will always be highs and lows. There isn't anything I can do to get rid of them completely, because my body will always do what it wants in the end. I can only play mind reader to my hormones so much.

Oh well, Dr's appt this week, we'll see how it goes! I'm expecting a pretty good one, I'm excited :)

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