Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Day 2

So, I ran in the 2's-3's all night and woke up a few times with that terrible clammy, too hot, sweaty, shaky, low-middle-of-the-night feeling. I tested at 3AM and 6AM and downed a bunch of dex tabs both times... Woke up at 10 AM still low, and decided I'd had enough of doing my own basal rates. I was a genius of course and didn't think that overnight I would STILL HAVE my previous days Lantus in my body helping everything out, so of course I ran low. Seriously, I am too smart. Either way, to avoid worrying the Animas rep who called today to tell me she's sending me a new pump, I decided to cut out the basal rate to 0.00 and continue using Lantus as my long acting and just use the pump to bolus until I'm gone through training. I had nightmares all night long that I... Inserted something wrong in the pump (or something, it was kind of like a memory card) and I voided my warranty and this all could have been avoided had I just gone through training first! I also dreamt that I found a pregnancy test in my closet so I peed on it and it was like double lines instantly. Of course that made me assume (in my dream) that I was further along than I thought I was, and that my last period wasn't really a period and that because I'd been drinking since getting my last period my baby would be born with FAS because I'm terrible. Gotta love dreaming when you're low, makes for an interesting morning!

Anyways, I should get ready for work, and I'm looking forward to getting my new pump tomorrow morning! Those Animas people are quick at getting things out, I'm really impressed!!!

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