Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Still love it :)

So I'm still not up and running on basal, but I am LOVING this thing for bolusing. My blood has been amazing! I love that it reminds me to test, and I love that if I need more than 6U and less than 7U, I can go ahead and give myself 6.35U, so much better than whole units! My blood has just been fantastic, I am so happy with it every time I check now! I can't wait to be hooked up to basal though, although things are working well with Lantus. I could probably be a part time pumper and work just fine that way, haha. Okay, maybe not.

My replacement pump came today and the screen looks much better. "Annie" (creative name, I know) arrived bright and early this morning and it didn't take too long to get everything reprogrammed and set to my liking. The new pump came with an envelope to put the old one in to send back via Canada post. Easy peasy! As far as the training goes... Well Animas originally said I wouldn't be able to get training until my rep (Anthony) is back from vacation (August 28th I think)which really doesn't work too well for me. I e-mailed my Dr to see if she could give me a starting basal rate and she said that it's best to wait until August 28th, as she is also on vacation until that time.. Aaahhhhh. Animas called today too and said that they have a trainer who wants to meet by the end of the week, so I'm hoping I can get this show on the road. I doubt the trainer can go anything without direction from my Dr. though, this is frustrating! I think I'm going to just try my 1U/hour and see how it goes. Checking my blood nonstop will help keep everything under control, I hope! Fingers crossed at least.

And lets end this with a picture of the pump and meter in their matching black skins. Cause what's wrong with switching up the colour every once in a while?

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