Sunday, September 4, 2016

Third Birthday Party

Adam & Scott turned 3 on June 23rd and we celebrated with a Frozen/ Olaf themed party! The boys have been obsessed with Frozen for months so it was an easy decision for a theme.

The party was held at my Parents' house again, and we were lucky with another beautiful day! 
Kiddos playing in the pool  
The birthday boys 
We played the 'who's who' game, and also had an 'Olaf Making' competition. The winners, as chosen by Adam, Scott & Abrielle were Jamie, Uncle Peter, and Stacey! 
Who's Who game 
Some Olafs
More Olafs

As per tradition, Jamie was the head cake decorator, and I was in charge of the cupcakes. The boys were so excited for their cakes - Olaf + a baby Olaf for Adam and Olaf in 'Summer Snow' for Scott! 

It was an amazing day with family and friends, and the boys came home with a whole haul of fun stuff. Lucky ducks!!

Saturday, July 2, 2016

Three Years Old

The birthday boys! A & S 
As of June 23rd, Adam and Scott are officially 3! My teeny tiny 32+3 week babies, who weighed less (combined) than the average baby  are not longer 'babies'. Time has gone by so fast, and I am absolutely in love with these sweet little boys. I am so lucky to have two of the most easy-going well behaved kiddos around. I have actually taken them to work a couple times in the past few months if I need to get some paperwork done, and they sit quietly watching Frozen in the lunch room without causing any trouble at all.

In the past couple months, we have continued with skating lessons, which the boys seem to enjoy. They still haven't really 'gotten it', but they have plenty of time to learn in order to become pro hockey players! We took a trip down to Seattle, and spent a great day at the zoo. The boys loved checking out all of the animals, and it was a nice family vacation away for a couple nights. We did the Vancouver Sun Run, and the boys enjoyed their third year being pushed in the stroller for a 10k jaunt. We had practiced shouting 'Go Mommy! Faster Faster!!' before the big day, and they gave me a couple encouraging yells along the way.

We also passed another 'big boy' milestone! Moving into twin beds! The toddler beds are gone, and we moved the boys into our spare bedroom for a new Olaf themed room. They absolutely love their new beds and the room looks great. Jamie is extremely handy and vented the A/C in their room through the wall so we don't need to leave the window half open all summer too. The first couple weeks were rough, and Scott was waking up around 5-5:30 AM. Thankfully a few weeks later, they are now sleeping in until 7ish. I'm usually in there about once a night though, just to pick up a dropped stuffed animal, or to give a hug and kiss. They are still pretty great at going to sleep, and are normally in bed by 7:15, and asleep shortly after. They both still sleep with way too many 'friends', and they now line up all of their Superwings toys on the Ottoman next to their bed before going to sleep.
New room!
What else? I feel like we've been so busy lately! I've been working a lot and I miss them while I am away, but they usually visit at least one work day per week to say hi (and snag a treat or two from the office candy bowl). They are officially signed up for preschool in September, and we will see how it goes. They are very shy when it comes to doing things without me. We attempted swimming lessons where I wouldn't be in the water and it was an absolute disaster. We tried two classes and pulled them - Both of them would start sobbing 30 seconds after getting in the water. At the preschool info night the teacher assured us that 99% of the time kids cry as you're leaving, but are totally fine and having fun within 5 minutes of that. So fingers crossed.

As far as growth, both of the boys are between 27.5-28 lbs, and a touch over 37" tall. They are little stringbeans for sure, but eat like horses! They are both potty trained (easiest thing ever thankfully) although we still use pull ups at night. We will switch to underwear at night in the next couple of months, but Scott still wakes up wet most mornings and I hate laundry. So we're not in a huge rush.

The boys love 'roller coasters' AKA toddler rides at the fair, and dancing to any music. Scott loves Elsa and Adam loves Anna. They are the best of friends and have so much fun together. Scott has insisted his name is Opa for the last week (Adam is Nana, I'm Gramma and Jamie is Poppa), and he is very convincing - even telling a woman at the NICU reunion 'I'm Opa!!' when she asked what his name was. We went to our first movie in the theatre with Nana - Finding Dory. The boys were great and sat quietly the entire time, munching on popcorn.

Overall, I'm going to wrap this up because I have been working on it for over a week already and keep putting it off. I know I am missing 100 different traits and quirks and habits, but thankfully I have a lot of storage on my cell phone to help preserve the memories. They are the sweetest, cutest, most loving little boys in the world. I can't wait to see what the next year brings!!

Pictures.... Lots and lots of pictures :)

Shorts make perfect hats, right? S & A 
Sun Run 2016! S & A
Cheesers - S & A 
Crazy hair - Scott & Adam 
Making breakfast with Poppa - S & A 
Out by Cultus Lake - S & A 
Most stylish kids ever! S & A 
BFF's at Costco - A & S 
All smiles before their first swimming lesson - A & S 
Poor Adam's face says it all post swimming lesson! 
Adam & Scott - almost 3! 
At Krause with cousin Abrielle! Adam & Scott 
First time eating Chipolte! Yum!! A & S 
Working out with Mommy - A & S 
Last sleep in their baby beds! A & S 
A & S - sound asleep in their new big boy beds 
Hanging out at Mommy's work! Adam & Scott 
Riding a stuffed unicorn at Gramma's! S & A 
Watching Finding Dory! A & S 
Cutest little IKEA shoppers - A & S 

Sunday, March 13, 2016

Finally - an update!

2.75 years!! How are they this old? I have been meaning to do an update for months... The jumps in development are absolutely crazy lately, and they have been growing in leaps and bounds since my last update when they were 2 years old. They are such amazing, sweet, caring, polite little boys. They have their 'toddler moments' of course, but overall, they are just such great kids. I am an incredibly lucky Mom! Truthfully, I don't even know where to start. This is why I always say I will post more frequently, but that never happens. Their speech has exploded - they're now saying full sentences, and they're learning new things every day. They know almost all of the car makes now (every walk is a chorus of 'Honda, Mazda, Toyota, Vee-Dubowu!'), every team in the NHL franchise (it was a given, I suppose), shapes, numbers, letters, the whole nine yards. I think back on the stress I had about their speech, and am so relieved they are on track now.

They are not the tiny preemies they once were; 27 lbs for Adam, and 27 lbs 6 oz for Scott. They're both somewhere around 36" tall, but Scott is just a smidge taller. After 2.5 years (almost to the day), the boys have completely weaned from breastfeeding. They were nursing just morning and night for a long stretch, and eventually I managed to get them to go to bed without milk one night and it was done. They asked every once in a while but we told them that the milkies was broken ("Daddy fix!!") and they got over it pretty quickly. I am happy they're weaned, but every once in a while (usually at a completely random time) I will suddenly think about the fact that we are past the stage where they 'need me' and I want to burst into tears. It's hard having your babies grow up. Breastfeeding was my number one goal when I found out I was having twins, and I am so happy and proud I was able to nurse them for 2.5 years and that we were all able to receive the health benefits of a long nursing relationship.

The boys potty trained themselves in mid January. Scott had been pooping on the toilet since he turned 2, and Adam finally figured that part out in late November. Truthfully, I wasn't too eager to fully potty train because they were already telling me when they had to poop, and (pee) diapers were just so easy for our busy days. Then one morning, Adam decided he wanted underpants (so of course Scott did too) and we just went with it and haven't looked back. Scott still has the occasional accident during nap time, and they're both in diapers at night, but other than that it's just done. I am shocked at how easy and stress free it was - I was expecting a terrible battle to play out over the whole thing, but it's been easy as pie, thankfully.

What about me? I don't really ever update on myself, so I guess I can throw this in; I have been working at least 21 hours/ week since June - I do Mondays and Thursdays, both 9-9 shifts. I pick up the occasional Friday or Sunday here and there as well. The days are long, but they really do fly by, and I love (usually) having 5 full days with my boys. I'm lucky to work in the mall, so my Mom often brings the boys by to say hi on the days when she is watching them. As far as my diabetes goes, I went off of the pump in August 2014. Going back to shots was okay at first, but I became a bit complacent and my A1C has slowly crept up a bit, I think I'm around 6.5% right now. After a long wait (and incredible luck that my work has switched insurance providers) I am now a Dexcom G4 user and couldn't be more excited. It is absolutely life changing and has opened up a whole new world of diabetes data for me. I'm excited to see how it helps improve my numbers in the long run!

I have started and stopped this post about 5 times over the course of the past couple of months, so I'm determined to get this done tonight. I have a million things I could say - That the boys just finished their first round of skating lessons which they love, that they are signed up for preschool in the fall, that they're the best of friends in the entire world and I love watching their special bond grow every day, that Adam has about 150 stuffed animals in his bed every night and Scott is currently obsessed with a stuffed unicorn and a plastic my little pony doll from a happy meal..... But I need to accept there is no way I can fit everything in to these blogs. They are just the most special little boys in the world, and for me (because I know I'll re-read this back in the future) I'm happy if I have something posted, even if it's not as extensive as I would like for it to be.

So, now to let the pictures do the talking :)

I was getting blood work drawn this day - S & A were such good blood lab sidekicks! 
First day of skating lessons! S & A 
Cuties after getting haircuts - S & A 
This was celebrating day 4 of underpants with booster juice! A & S 
Adam and his love of books 
The day I realized that they are growing too fast (Scott) 
This is just a small handful of their bedtime 'friends' (S & A) 

S & A helping Daddy bring in their hockey bag 
Some skating pics! 
Adam didn't want to go for a walk, so Scotty and I had a day date and walked to Starbucks 
A & S knocking things over in soccer class 
Uni's first bath - Scott was very good at drying her off! 
The boys and I had lunch down at the beach - they were so well behaved! A & S 
Best friends - Adam & Scott 
S & A helping me get ready for work in the morning 
Daddy with his hands full - Adam on the shoulders, Scott in the arms 
How cool are they? A & S 
Parachute time at soccer! Adam in red 
Some brother love on our bike ride 
Joys of being a twin - Adam blue Scott green