Thursday, August 11, 2011

Transition period

I'm still super excited about being on my pump, and I love the tight control I will be able to obtain and more importantly maintain. There is this one small part of me that is still just scared about it though. I went off the pump for a reason (mainly because I was lazy with my control)and it's just really scaring leaving the world of MDI (multiple daily injections) and going back to pumping. I've been trying to break down what I'm scared of, and I think it's mostly with placement of the pump. I work an office job, and so I wear a lot of dress pants and 'longer' shirts. I have a few shirts where I can hide it in my bra, but with my lack of boobs I'm pretty much confined to clipping it to my waistband, which sometimes creates an odd 'bulge' under my clothes. I know I can't worry about vanity when it's something that is saving my life, but it's something I still think about.

How am I going to wear it while I'm wearing a dress? I think sticking it on my bra is the best bet, but that creates a stupid bulge in 90% of the dresses I have.... Other option would be to attach it to my underwear, but then I'm stuck again with a bulge, as well as my underwear falling down. I have a 'thigh thing' and I guess we'll see how that goes. I think it's still going to create a bulge, but it's worth a try.

What else am I nervous about? I changed my infusion site today and it was a little daunting thinking that I need to do this every single 2-3 days... forever. I know I've been on shots 5-10 times a day and that was forever, but this just seems different. It feels so permanent.

Overall though, I'm really excited. I will find ways to make it work with all aspects of my life, and it will be FANTASTIC!

I got in touch with my trainer today and she and I should be meeting early next week to set up a basal rate. She's just got to get in touch with one of my Dr's and we're good to go!

Anyways, exciting stuff still, and I'm feeling really good about things! I think I'm just a little bit anxious on my own, and I tend to overthink things!

PS, I am SO happy it's Friday tomorrow, finally almost weekend time!!!

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