Monday, February 25, 2013

15 weeks!

Well I am past the 15 week mark now, and feeling huge!! I am loving my new bump and overall things are pretty good! I had the rough diabetes patch a couple of days ago which was frustrating, and I've had my moments again since then, but overall things have been pretty good! The new tough thing with diabetes and pregnancy is that most maternity pants (with the high waistbands) don't have pockets! Normally if pants don't have pockets, I just clip it to the waistband, but it's not easy to clip a pump to a waistband that's about 2 inches below my boobs. I'm thinking I'll have to utilize the 'side of the bra' clip strategy - that seems to work pretty good. Pants that have pockets work, but it's a lot of running the tubing all the way up and down, so I'm thinking I'll cut little holes in the bottom of the stretchy part so I can just stick it through there.... Only issue with that is that every time I pee (which is often, believe me) I'd have to unclip the pump from my body before pulling down my pants. Why can't pumping be easier with maternity wear???

Okay, what happened over the past little while? I had my last appt with my obgyn on Friday and things look pretty good!  We started off with taking my weight (I think I'm close to my 'pre-pregnancy weight now!) and checking my blood pressure, all fine there. My Dr doesn't use a doppler, but a fancy little handheld ultrasound machine, so I get a quick peek at the babies every time I see him. We saw the first baby right away, lying sideways in my stomach, on its back facing up... Took him a second to find the other one (we would only see bits and pieces) and we found it right over top, also sideways, but facing down. The babies were head to butt and from a quick view seemed to be the same size. So cute, they were stretching their little legs and whatnot. After that he checked my cervix (sorry, TMI) and apparently it's however it should be, yay! Everything seems great. At the end of the Dr's appt's we always set up the next appt's etc and it's now that I really realize just HOW often I will be driving out to New Westminster. I am now having biweekly ultrasounds to check to make sure that the babies aren't developing TTTS, biweekly diabetes appts to keep on top of all of that, and biweekly appts with my obgyn. That's 6 appts a month, I think I need to get an apartment out in New West! Jamie said I could take Holly with me at least, haha. My Dr told me at the end of my appt that I'm a really 'double whammy' - type one diabetic (high risk) and pregnant with twins (also high risk). I pointed out that they're also mono-di identical twins and he laughed and agreed that it's a whole extra level! I'm confident things will be fine though, and it's more than worth the extra follow up this entire time. I think I'll be seeing the MFM, my Dr was saying he might want to take over my care for a while as well. Lots of things happening!

Okay, survey time :)

How far along? 15 weeks, 4 days
Total weight gain: I think I put on about 2 pounds this week? I keep forgetting to weigh myself in the morning.
Maternity Clothes? YES! I love them. I am either wearing sweatpants, or maternity pants. I bought a couple pairs, and got a great deal off of craigslist - 8 pairs for $40! I have a few maternity shirts and I love them, I can't wait to buy more. The belly looks soooo much cuter in maternity clothes! I officially packed away all of my 'I can't wear these anymore' pants, my drawers feel empty. Going to do the same with my shirts this week. The Dr said I'm measuring at 20 weeks though, which is right where I should be, and explains the belly.
Stretch Marks? Nothing yet, hoping hoping hoping it stays that way. I cocoa buttered after my bath on Friday night, but I usually forget.
Sleep: Still not great. I find I wake up several times in the night on my back which isn't comfortable, but I keep rolling that way. I think I need to try putting a pillow behind my back so I can't move as much.
Miss anything? Not really this week!
Movement: I am starting to feel little kicks I think! It's right where they are and it feels like a tapping sensation every once in a while. I'm a mean Mommy and poke at them all the time, and get a little tap back every once in a while now. I know it 'could' be gas, but I've never had gas that feels quite like this, it's definetly a different sensation. I had Jamie poke at my stomach before he went to bed tonight with no luck, and I got a little response as he was walking up the stairs, sneaky little things!
Food cravings: hmmmm, honey garlic pork, pizza minis, nectarines, strawberries, and I really want raspberries and blueberries!! Hurry up summer. I am going to live at my parents house picking blueberries in their backyard haha.
Anything making you queasy or sick? Well, I threw up twice yesterday, but I'm not convinced if it was a return of morning sickness or if I was just feeling sick.
Gender: NO clue. Beyond excited to know though
Labour signs: Nothing of course, however I had my first braxton hick contraction last Thursday! I was sitting on the couch and as I moved it felt like someone had put one of those 'Dr Hos' muscle tighteners right on my stomach. It was actually really surprising. I asked my Dr the next day and he said it's totally normal to feel them now every once in a while. I have had a few more, usually while getting up, but nothing quite like that first one.
Symptoms: Baby brain! I am feeling slowwwww. And feeling BIG. It's funny cause I know I will get a million times larger, but I groan getting off of the couch already, haha. Other than that, I feel pretty good though!
Bellybutton in or out? In, but starting to flatten out.... I lost the top ball to my bellybutton ring last night, so I officially retired it. I kind of like my new naked bellybutton!
Wedding rings on or off? On, fingers are still the same size.
Happy or moody most of the time? I've been in a great mood lately!
Looking forward to: The next ultrasound on March 5th!!! The tech seemed pretty confident at the last one that they'd be able to tell us the gender at the next appt we had, so hopefully we find out!!! I am soooo beyond excited for it, one week to go - I don't think I'll sleep the night before the ultrasound at all.

15 weeks pregnant!


  1. If you don't already have a Body Pillow - Invest in one! It will be a life saver in your pregnancy!! Take it from someone who was so big everyone thought I was carrying twins, the bigger you get, the more pillows you need to sleep with! My pillow was the "Snoozer" that is shaped like a candy cane - I would have it on my left side in the middle of the bed with the curve under my head, and my back propped up against the length of it, and then I had another thick pillow on my right that I would hug. I never slept flat, there was always a pillow under a portion of my back to keep my sort of on my side, or something that I was hugging and had my leg up over! Trust me, it will be a life saver - and naps are your friend! I don't think I got a solid night's rest my whole pregnancy, but I napped frequently!!

  2. Thanks Heather! I keep forgetting to buy one. Right now I just use a regular pillow but I really want something that goes between my legs and I can hug as well - that'll be way comfier :)

    I'll look into the snoozer! I had a nap after work today, I literally couldn't keep my eyes open, ughh!