Wednesday, March 6, 2013

16 weeks!

Okay, 16 weeks! Have I said lately that time is flying?? Lets start with the most exciting news.... I had another ultrasound today (a growth scan) and the tech was able to make an 'educated guess' on the gender! It is a little early for them to call it 100%, but all signs point to the babies being.... BOYS!!! Jamie and I are absolutely thrilled and can't wait to meet the little guys! We'll know 'for sure' at the next ultrasound (which I think is March 20th?) but for now, I'm calling it as boys. One baby was shy, but the other one was quite bold in showing us a pretty clear 'twig and berries'. I think ultrasounds can be wrong more often with girls than with boys. Either way, we won't buy the paint for the baby room quite yet, but I am going to start SHOPPING! I'll keep the receipts... just in case!

Okay so let's look at the diabetes side. Things are still looking pretty good! My one hour after meal highs have been cut down quite a bit, and I'm finding instead of the 13's and 14's (234-252) I am seeing them more along the 7-8 range (126-144) which I'm happy with! They tend to drop a little more at the 2 hour point, yay. My A1C was taken again on Monday and it was 5.1%... It's funny, because the clinic is almost urging me to get it up a little bit higher, but I'm proud of it! I find if I don't eat often enough, my blood will start to drop, so it's leaving me with lows pre lunch and dinner. We tried hacking back the basal rates again today though, so hopefully that will help with that problem. Other than that, the only real issue was a 'bad' low yesterday... I tested around 3:30 and I was 4.2 (76)... I can't remember if I ate something after that, but at about 4:55 (just before I was going to leave work) I just felt a low come on instantly. I was literally in the middle of a 3 minute phone call and by the time I hung up I was LOW. I tested and it was 1.8 (32) which is absolutely a very low number, but it doesn't usually effect me that bad. I was sitting at my desk shoving dex tabs in my mouth and sweating like crazy. I was considering lying on the floor of my office, but figured that wasn't a great idea. I ended up with the numb face/ numb hands type of low, and it look about 15 minutes before I really felt comfortable enough to go out to my car. I waited it out in my car for another 10 minutes or so (and continued eating sugar, haha) until I felt safe enough to drive and my numbers were back up to a reasonable level. Ugh I don't get 'bad' lows often, but every once in a while, one comes along that just kicks your ass. All my diabetic friends know exactly what I'm talking about, sadly. I'm glad that those are a very rare occurrence.

So how else are the babies doing? Well, I got the report for the genetic screening (which I need to go over with my obgyn because I don't know what it all really means of course) and everything seems to be screening NEGATIVE! Very excited about that, I know you can get false positives with twins, so I was kind of emotionally preparing myself for a possible 'positive' result that may or may not be true, but I think we're looking pretty good. We did the growth scan this morning and it went really well. Apparently husbands aren't allowed to come in for those ones, so poor Jamie had to wait in a separate room for 20 minutes until I got called in for my appt (why set appt times, when they are never on time??) and then he had to wait about another 30 minutes for the main portion of the ultrasound to be complete! Now we know for next time though. I had the same tech as last time (she's really great) and I guess at this point they measure things like the femur bone, head diameter and the size of the abdomen and they add that all together to create an estimated size and weight. I guess it makes sense that they stop doing the 'crown to rump' measurements, as it's so much harder to get the entire baby in a shot! Either way, once all the measurements are said and done, they were both coming out to .60 lbs, and they seem to be measuring right within a day of each other, such great news. I'm scared every time I see them that they will suddenly be a different size, but so far so good!

After all of the measurements were taken, I got to leave for a minute to empty my bladder (thank god) and Jamie was summoned to the room. We took another look and one baby was being a little shy, but the other one (I think it was baby b) was pretty confident in showing us his parts! The tech of course can't actually document any guesses, or say for SURE, but I feel comfortable that we have blue in our future. Either that, or we have a daughter with some swollen girl parts... Which I guess could happen! Joys of the unknown, haha. As far as positioning, A seems to be on the bottom area (he was lying sideways for most of the ultrasound) and B had his head by A (bottom right, towards my hip) and was lying kinda with his feet facing up towards my chest. Creating a little right angle at that point - heads together, one lying sideways, and one head down. It was cute though, they both moved at one point and I had two heads in the right corner and a jumble of four little legs all facing up towards my bellybutton, so they were both diagonal in my stomach. She said they have lots of fluid right now, and lots of room in their little swimming pool to move around and enjoy. Enjoy it boys, you're not going to have that much room for much longer!!

Anyways, this is getting veryyy long (as usual) so survey time!

Cameo by Holly!
How far along? 16 weeks, 5 days
Total weight gain: I'm starting to gain! I'm now about 1-2 lbs below my 'pre-preg' weight so if we count my 'starting weight' as what I weighed after morning sickness really kicked in, I am now up 8 lbs! My dietitian was thrilled... I'm excited to gain weight, but I hope I can keep it to my belly, and not the rest of me!
Maternity Clothes? Absolutely. Love them... Waiting for Old Navy to have another sale, so I can stock up on more shirts!
Stretch Marks? None yet! I try to cocoa butter at least once per week, and so far so good.
Sleep: Meh, not great. I'm up a few times every night and tend to wake up on my back feeling really uncomfortable. I need to get a body pillow!
Miss anything? Not needing to pee in the middle of the night!!!
Movement: Same as last week - little taps and kicks every now and then! Can't wait for them to get stronger.
Food cravings: Still nectarines and strawberries! I bought some Ben n Jerrys the other day, and have barely eaten ANY of it. And Jamie bought me toaster strudels today, YUM!!! Haven't had those in years and that was a craving that hit hard and fast last night, haha.
Anything making you queasy or sick? Knock on wood, but morning sickness seems to be gone!
Gender: Boys! (Most Likely!!!) Sheesh, I'm going to feel silly if they end up being girls.
Best moment this week: Feeling little kicks, and watching my belly grow! I loveeeee my bump! Of course ultrasounds are awesome as well. I'm just loving everything! OH! And I found a protein powder that I actually like! It's not milk based, so I can mix it with water and it kind of tastes like Crystal Light almost! Soooo happy about that.
Labour signs: Braxton Hicks contractions every once in a while, but nothing else, phew!
Symptoms: I'm just getting big.. And my brain doesn't work quite the way it used to!
Bellybutton in or out? Still in, but kinda flat. I had taken out my bellybutton ring last week, and put it back in after a day or so cause I felt naked. I took it out today at my ultrasound because she needed to use the wand over that area, and so far haven't put it back in yet - we'll see.
Wedding rings on or off? On, fingers are still the same size.
Happy or moody most of the time? Happy! I'm loving this journey!
Looking forward to: Another obgyn appt on Thursday, and then my next ultrasound (which should be a longggg one) on March 20th!

Yeah... there's two in there!

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  1. Looking so beautiful!! I love your bump, too! SOOOO excited (still) and continuing to love the updates. NEED to see you soon!!
    Mommy#2 xoxoxoxoxoxo