Tuesday, February 12, 2013

So far so good...

Another week has come and gone! Things are just awesome. Unfortunately, after my last post, morning sickness DID choose to return. I've had a few bad days, but a couple good ones in there too. Hey, at least I'm getting an ab workout through all of this with the constant dry heaving :) Okay, so what happened over the last week? Well, diabetes wise, things are pretty good. My average for the past 7 days is 5.4 (97), and my most recent A1C was 5.6%!!!! I'm pretty happy with that. I've still been having a ton of lows, but it seems like those are almost unavoidable at this point. I'm starting to cut down on the after meal highs, which is comforting. Some lows are hitting me worse than they normally do though. I had my OB appt last Friday and as I was walking out I was thinking 'did I sound kind of stupid while in that appt?' and as we got towards the truck I stumbled into a little garden and that was a pretty big clue that Momma needed some sugar. I popped a candy in my mouth and we went to a thriftys which was about a 45 second walk away. It's funny how HARD it is walking while low. We grabbed a grapefruit juice and I was nice and sweaty while waiting to pay for it. Gotta love when lows come with clammy, sweatyness. Ew. I started chugging it as we walked back to the truck and by the time we got in and I tested (after downing almost half the bottle) I was 1.6 (29)! I have to say, I am sick of dropping into the 1's so easily now!! It was one of the lows where I came up fairly well, but still FELT low at least an hour later, boo. I have my next appt with the diabetes clinic tomorrow, where I'm sure we'll be cutting everything back once again!

How cute are they???
Last week was also our NT scan at the hospital which was amazinggggg. My Mom was able to come too, and we were expecting her to have to sit in the waiting room and maybe come in for a peek at the end, but luckily we had a big room and she was able to come in with us for the entire thing. They had a screen for us to look at the entire time and it was amazing to see both babies squirming around like crazy. She had a starting shot of both of them where the membrane showed up instantly, yay!!! I think we have an official 'mono-di' diagnosis! I'm pretty happy with that. It would be great if they were di-di and had separate placentas, but this is much much better than what I was emotionally trying to not have to prepare myself for. They were lying sideways in my uterus, one on top of each other. She described them as being in little bunk beds, awww! NT measurements looked great, and they both have little nasal bones as well. Everything seems to be going great. They're both measuring the exact same date, another good sign. A was a little sleepier, but B was moving like crazy in there! Kicking, rolling, squirming, elbowing, yawning - pretty amazing to see. Probably because it's not the one on the bottom bunk, haha. Overall we were in there for close to an hour, it was awesome.

On Friday at the OB appt, we didn't really do too much. Confirmed that the first part of my bloodwork for genetic screening looks good, but we really need to tie it with more bloodwork in a few more weeks before we have any 'real' results. He used his little ultrasound machine again and one was sleeping, the other one was sitting up so we could see a face profile shot. I guess they still have a fair bit of room to move around in there! My uterus is measuring about a month ahead, so the top of it is about an inch below my belly button. I found the HB's with the doppler again this weekend, and they are still so LOW in my tummy. I'm sure they'll be moving up soon though. So what's up next? I have my diabetes appt's likely every 2 weeks as we've been doing so far - I see the OB next in 2 weeks - I think he wants to start checking my cervix at appts to make sure that all looks okay. After that I have a growth scan in early March and we will start doing bi-weekly ultrasounds to make sure no-one is taking too many nutrients. Hopefully we can 100% avoid TTTS. At this ultrasound in March we should be able to find out genders!!! AHHH! Less than a month and we will know! I seriously don't think I'll sleep a wink the night before that ultrasound. At 20 weeks, we do a detailed heart scan to make sure everything is looking good in there.... And then we'll be half way done. Holy crap, I swear it feels like I'm going to wake up tomorrow and have two babies already. Time is going by soooo fast! Okay, quick video and survey time!
How far along? 13 weeks, 4 days
Total weight gain: No change this week.
Maternity Clothes? I really need to start shopping for those... Clothes are getting kind of uncomfy and I don't think I can show up at work in the jammies I tend to wear all weekend!
Stretch Marks? Nada! I really need to start bio-oiling it up though. I just hate feeling greasy!
Sleep: Ahhh... Starting to get a little uncomfortable, already. I woke up on my stomach at about 5AM the other day and it didn't feel too great. The constant peeing in the middle of the night is fun too of course. I think it's time to get a body pillow!
Miss anything? Ah the usual I guess. Not really too much though, haha.
Movement: Still nothing, although I'm hoping I'm one of those lucky ones who can start feeling the babies early! I know I have a posterior placenta so that should help at least a little. Hopefully in the next few weeks I'll start feeling a little something.
Food cravings: Strawberries and nectarines this week. Soooo excited for summer fruits though, blueberries and raspberries and peaches etc. Yummy! For 'bad' cravings,I think I could have eaten 100 pizza minis last night, now that was a craving!
Anything making you queasy or sick? Nothing in particular, although I've had my sick days over the past week!
Gender: At the ultrasound I kept saying 'look, HE'S kicking' and Jamie was convinced he saw a 'twig and berries' (lol) but I have this super naggy feeling of girls still, which I've had since the day we found out they were twins. AKA I have noooo idea. Pretty excited to know though.
Labour signs: Nothing!
Symptoms: Pukey, headachey, and tired. I think my brain isn't quite working like it used to either.
Bellybutton in or out? In still, but you can see my bellybutton ring through all of my shirts now.
Wedding rings on or off? On, and I'll get them sized up a little if need be in the future :)
Happy or moody most of the time? I'd say happy!
Looking forward to: I look forward to all of my appts, although the diabetes ones are a little boring. At this point I would say the next 'big' thing is either feeling early kicks, or the ultrasound in early March.
There is a bump starting for sure :)

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