Sunday, February 17, 2013


Short update today, just on the frustration of diabetes and pregnancy! I've had some great days so far, where everything is all fine and near perfect and then there are evenings like tonight.... Where my after dinner tests (without eating anything else) have gone from 8.8 (158) 1 hour post meal; no need to correct, still have lots of iob on board... An hour later we're up to 10.4 (187) where I can correct a little at this time.... And 1.5 hours after that, I'm at fricken 15.9 (286)!!! Whyyyyy!!! So frustrating. I haven't had a problem with this infusion set since putting it in today, but now I know I'll be up late making sure that my blood starts to finally come down. So so so annoying. Anyone want to borrow my T1D until August when the babies are here? I will gladly take it back at that point, but am really sick of it when it could potentially effect my twins!

On a happier note, I am starting to pop, and I love it! Hoping to feel them start to move in the next few weeks... Bigger update coming later :)

But seriously diabetes, pull it together. Stop being such an asshole! You were sooo nice all weekend!

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