Monday, January 23, 2012

And then it just doesn't make sense sometimes...

Last night my blood wasn't terrible during the day, and before the gym I was at a glorious 6.0 before leaving the house. I set a temp basal of -40% for my workout and had it stretched out for 3 hours, even though I knew it would be reset when I changed my infusion set that night (around 1.5 hours in). I had a pretty good workout and at the grocery store on the way home I was 6.5, which I actually took a picture of because I was so proud. I've been having troubles with my numbers post-gym lately so this was a big moment for me.

Come home, have a snack, switch out the infusion set (yay for not seeing blood drip down my pants!), and tested around 11:30... 13.8. I went the ezbg route and completely ignored the fact that I likely had iob that wasn't taken into consideration due to my site change. About an hour after my correction, I was down to 11.8, so not a huge improvement. I figured it would come down eventually and headed to bed.

I had a ton of trouble sleeping, and tested my blood somewhere around 1:15AM, and I had dropped to 6. I was happy with that and was looking forward to waking up in the morning in the 5's, right where I should be. When I opened my eyes a couple hours later and noticed that it was 3:17 I knew there was only one reason, and I could feel it coming on. I fumbled for my blood checker in the dark (why can't the ping have a light for the test strip) and after taking FIVE tries to draw blood I discovered that I was at an (un)healthy 1.7. As soon as you see the number you feel it a thousand times more, but I headed downstairs to sugar up before heading back to bed and hopefully getting some sleep.

Anyone diabetic understands the feeling of a late night low, and I was up and eating/reading the newspaper until 3:45 AM. I realized I had consumed way more carbs than I should have and attempted to bolus without overbolusing and eventually just went to sleep and hoped for the best.

Morning came with a 9.5 (ugghhh, so not the 5.3 my endo would like me to wake up to) to start my day and it's been wonky from there. I was fine after breakfast, dropping by lunch. After lunch I lingered high until dinner (when I was dropping again) and since then I have been plummeting no matter what I do. I just ate some carrots and pistachios so I'm hoping that stabilizes things a little bit.

It's just so frustrating that what works one day, does absolutely nothing the next day. I have been googling all day to see when Dexcom might be coming to Canada and I haven't been able to find anything - but hopefully soon. In the meantime I am going to play dexcom one day this week and test every 30 minutes during the day and every hour at night.... At least that's my plan for this week, we'll see when it actually happens.

Enough of this crabappleness, let's end this with Holly; because I actually sang 'you are my sunshine' to her tonight and she is a perfect way to brighten a day. Only Jamie is my other (brighter)sunshine, although Holly looks a lot cuter than he would when being completely enthralled with a stuffed octapus missing 2 legs.

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