Thursday, January 19, 2012

Joys of working out with diabetes

So I've been working out a lot more lately (on and off) and it can be so frustrating with diabetes. Case in point: Tonight I had dinner at 5:30 and gave myself what should have been the perfect amount of insulin. At 7:15 Jamie and I were about to leave for the gym and I am at 3.6 which right off the back means that I will be fighting a low the entire time. I drank a juice box and ate a bunch of crackers, thinking that it would keep me above 6 or 7 for the half an hour I was planning on doing cardio.... No such luck.

I was going to do 1.5 miles and about 2 minutes in, I decided to test, a nice big 2.9 to start off a run, wonderful! I decided to keep going for it, and after about 12 minutes, my blood was starting to move up, I was 3.6. Finished my run, and moved over to the stair climber. Did 10 minutes and felt like I was going to die (my current fitness level might have helped with that) and when I tested afterwards, my blood was down to 3.0 again, once again wonderful.

Moral of the story is: Good luck raising your blood and keeping it elevated when working out!! I had my pump set to a -50% temp basal as well, I probably should have just suspended it!

In other diabetes related news, I had one hell of a gusher last time I changed my infusion set! I was pulling out my old set absent-mindedly and felt something warm and wet on my tummy... Looking down (with the set still attached at the bottom) I discovered that I was gushing blood and it was currently dripping onto my pants. I ran into the bathroom and mopped it up with some kleenex and bled into the sink some more. Pretty nice suprise for 11:30 PM on a Monday! Once it was done bleeding out, I realized it was a lot less blood than it looked like, but still pretty gruesome. I googled what it could mean, and I guess I must have hit a capillary wrong when inserting the set, and when you take it out, it finally blows. I was pretty slow to notice and didn't really apply any pressure to it, so I think I saved myself from a pretty decent bruise by doing it that way. Apparently if you try to stop it from bleeding before it's done, you end up with a nice yellow bruise for a week.

Again, joys of diabetes.

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