Sunday, January 22, 2012

Prenatal fun!

So, I've been on Pregvit Folic 5 for way too long now. With the babymaking planning being on, and then pushed back and then on again, it's been a lot of little pink and blue pills. I wasn't really taking them consistently during the fall, because we weren't actually trying at that point, but I've been back on track since about December now. These pills however, are a bitch to take because they come in these stupid little packages that take up way too much room, and they are not fun to get the pills out either. SO, Jamie and I decided to take all 3 months worth out now and separate them so it will be easy to fill up my little weekly pill holder without having to pull out the boxes! YES, this is an exciting post, but I feel that it should have been shared. That is all.

Pills in their little case, time to be extracted.

All done, morning (pink) on the left and night (blue) on the right. Yay for organization!

All done! Prenatals and calcium pills (with vitamin D!)... Fun stuff!

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