Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Wonderful Wednesday!

Note to self: When the pump educator says not to change infusion sets before bed, take it to heart. I have never had a problem before and have been changing my sites every 3 days shortly before bed. Last night was just like any other night, except my infusion set was a little bit more painful going in. It felt like the cannula was out of place, but after 5 or so minutes, it was back to normal. I was at 12.7 before bed, so I did a correction bolus and hit the hay. I had a terrible sleep (which isn't all that uncommon) and woke up with that terrible cotton mouth feeling. Took a look at my site and it was looking yucky.... Tested and 21.8. I haven't been that high in as long as I can remember!!! I took out the site right away and it was totally kinked in half and had been laying next to my skin pumping my basal onto my stomach, not INTO my stomach all night. Took about 4 hours for it to come back down (and close to 10 units of insulin!) but eventually it leveled out and it hasn't been bad since then. But I will be a little bit more careful next time, that's for sure!!

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