Wednesday, September 30, 2015

Second Birthday Party!

The boys were (and still are) in quite the monkey phase when they turned 2, so of course we went with a monkey birthday party! We had it at my parents' place on a hot Saturday at the end of July. Jamie decorated adorable monkey cakes, and I made cupcakes (hey, I helped!!) We also did the 'who's who' game, which Gramma won, of course! She knows her boys. 

 We had kiddie pools for the young ones to cool off, and Adam had a great time playing with the hose for most of the afternoon. I think Scott eventually started just dumping sand in the pool though, little scientist at heart wanted to learn how to make mud! 

The cakes were a big hit for the boys, although they were mostly just interested in the cookie ears at first! Eventually they both dug in and chowed down. It was so adorable - Adam was biting right into the cake, where Scott was a little bit more careful to not get too messy. We probably should have made smaller cakes though, no way they could finish ones that big!  

The boys got lots of fun stuff at the party, like these ride on quads from Uncle Andrew! They loved them, but they were a little too slow for these little dare devils so they were returned (I love Costco!) for muddy buddies a couple months later.  

Overall it was a great afternoon! They boys had fun, and I hope all of the guests did too. I can't believe by the time I'm writing this, we're already 1/4 of the way through the year to their next birthday.... Slow down time!!!

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