Thursday, June 25, 2015


Scott and Adam - TWO!
This is tough...How do you begin a post about your babies turning two? Well to start, they are obsessed with monkeys. And Mickey Mouse. And toothbrushes. And the dog. And pointing out my car when I come home (they will literally run right by me to yell "Momma!" at my van parked outside. Along with 1000 other things. Both of them are such happy little dudes. We've had a jam packed spring/summer so far; We've gone to Whistler, strawberry picking, spray parking, dozens of morning Starbucks runs, an afternoon at the lake, and much much more.

They're in mostly 24M clothing, although there is the odd pair of shorts that still fit at 9-12M. Still in size 4 diapers, and we have almost all teeth in now! Only waiting on 1 two year molar from Adam. They are great eaters and take after their Daddy with their love of ketchup. It's pretty cute when they dip fries in their little ketchup cups at Costco. They're great with utensils now, although it can still be a bit messy at times. They're still nursing, and I don't think they'll be stopping anytime too soon. They're down to morning, night, and usually once in the afternoon. Some days are worse though, I think their teeth have been bothering them lately which has increased the demand for milkies. Sleep is pretty great (knock on wood), and they're down around 7:15, up at 7:30ish. They're on a bit of a nap strike as of late, and some days they refuse sleep for their entire nap only to konk out in the car during the 10 minute drive to Costco. They're obsessed with pointing out people by their vehicles; every Mercedes gets 'NANA!!', every Mitsubishi gets 'GAGA!!!', every van gets "MOMMA!!" etc etc. It's adorable.

I've been back at work since January. I started off doing 9-5 two days a week, but increased my hours about a month ago. I'm now doing two 9-9 shifts/ week (Mondays and Thursdays), and it's worked out really well. It's enough hours to get back on benefits (important with the whole diabetes thing) and I feel like I can somewhat get caught up at work being there in the evenings. Every shift is a Friday for me, and the boys have adjusted pretty well! I come home on my lunch break to see them before dinner, and then I still get 5 full days with them. I'm also working in the mall, so my Mom usually brings them by to say hi on the days she's watching them. I'm very thankful to her and my mother-in-law for the babysitting! I don't know what we'd do without them.

Adam & Scott - freezie lovers! 
A & S Playing at the Apple Store
Adam giving Scott a hug at Costco 
A & S picking strawberries... Okay, 'eating' strawberries
A & S - still safely rear facing! 
Fun at the park! A & S
Playing at Gaga's house in the pool! S & A 
Starbucks trip with Opa! S & A 
Bathtime cuties - S & A 

My Addy-Cadabby. Adam is still the snuggliest little guy, and so sweet. He has really started talking, and is now repeating most words I ask him to say. Today he said "Happy Birthday To Me" about 100 times in a row. Still not stringing words together on his own yet, but I'm sure that's coming soon. Adam is really into colours now and loves pointing out all of the different ones he sees every day, especially that Mommy has pink toenails. He is incredibly opinionated about picking out his clothing. A few weeks ago he wanted to try on one of my t-shirts in the morning. When it was time to leave, he wouldn't take it off, and so we went to Starbucks with him wearing my shirt. Pick your battles, right? He usually chooses clothing for Scott too, which is a big help for me, haha! His hair grows like a weed, and sticks straight out to the side. I love him!!

Stubborn boy... Wearing Momma's shirt 
Eating beans and grapes like a big boy
Gymnastics time! 
Cruising at Gaga & Papa's house
Mommy's boy
My Scoot Scoot! Scotty is my little jumping bean. He is always on the go, and very agile. He loves to hop around the house, and especially loves climbing. He has the biggest grin in the world, and the cutest laugh ever. Scott has officially shown interest in potty training! We get about 95% of poops on the potty, although we're not quite there with pees yet. He is starting to get the concept for sure though, which is exciting - and a little scary! He's not as into speaking as Adam, but loves his animal sounds. He is a little bookworm and also likes playing on Daddy's iPad. Scott is pretty easy going, although he can sure be stubborn at times when he wants to! His hair tends to stick straight up in the back, which makes for some funny bedhead. I love him!

Drinking from Mommy's starbucks cup 
Cute boy at the Tonka Park 
Cutest little face! 
All decked out for an afternoon at the spray park
Mommy's little monkey! 

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