Wednesday, November 11, 2015

Fall Festivities 2015

How is it already mid-November? I swear it was summer last week.... In any sense, we've been keeping busy! Thanksgiving and Halloween have come and gone, and my Mom and I are gearing up for another Disney trip next week. Gotta get our moneys worth while the boys still get free tickets. So what have we been up to this month?

This year I worked on the Thanksgiving Monday, but we had a delicious dinner at Jamie's parents' house on Sunday, my MIL always makes an amazing meal! The boys had so much fun, and actually sat through most of the dinner, a huge improvement from last year. Adam ate mostly buns and pickles, but Scott enjoyed lots turkey and potatoes - plus stuffing and carrot casserole and peas etc. Scott is a great little eater! 
Adam & his pickle
Scott & Uncle Andrew
Look at Scott's lil smile! 
Scott & Adam with Poppa & Gramma
Family shot! Scott & Adam - little goofballs! 

Pumpkin Patch:
We went to the Hazelmere Pumpkin Patch again this year, and it was fantastic! The boys love the petting zoo, and then being able to ride in the tractor to find pumpkins. We got a ton of small pumpkins, so I had more than enough pumpkins to satisfy my love of roasted pumpkin seeds for a while! Luckily we remembered the muddy buddies, because it was MUDDY! The boys would have been filthy if not for those amazing yellow suits. 
Adam with one of the many pumpkins he chose
S & A sitting on pumpkins
S & A sitting on pumpkins with Nana 
S & A - petting zoo! 
With Nana on the tractor
Bear Creek Park Train:
Jamie and I took the boys to the train at Bear Creek Park - which they loved! We made crafts while waiting (which promptly got thrown out, haha) and pointed out every single pumpkin during the train ride. Afterwards we went for a walk around the park, and played on the super packed playground. 
Scott with his lollipop on the train 
Scott & Adam holding hands in the park
Adam & Scott pretending they're on a ride - "Weeeee!" 
Adam showing off his lollipop

We had such a fun Halloween! The boys dressed as a Cowboy (Adam) and a cow (Scott). We went to the mall in the morning and snagged some treats from my work, and the boys got gawked at numerous time for being adorable twins. After dinner, all of the family came over (my parents, Jamie's parents, Stacey, TJ, Abrielle, and my brother) and we all headed out trick-or-treating together. We left a bowl of candy on our porch and kept running back home to refill, worked perfectly. We were out for almost 1.5 hours and the boys had a great time! They were polite and said thank you at every house, although it was often said quietly as the boys were already heading back down the steps, oops. I think they could have gone for longer, but it was getting late so we headed back home to get the boys to bed. Overall it was an awesome October! Here's to November and the Christmas season to come - can't wait!
I swear Scott was actually really excited to be a cow! 
With cousin Abrielle in our yard 
Family shot! 
Our trick-or-treating entourage  
Blurry - but Adam with cowboy Daddy 
Scott checking out his loot! 
Uncle Andrew and Adam getting into the treats 
Mommy and her boys - Scott & Adam 

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