Saturday, October 25, 2014

Finally updating again!

Scott & Adam - such big boys now!!! 
Adam and Scott are 16 months old now. I haven't updated in months, and so much has changed. We have two little walkers, who are so full of personality. I'm really having trouble getting started here... I asked Jamie what to write, and his response is: 'They're cute'. YEP. Sounds about right.

Well, to start. We just got over a pretty terrible cold. The boys were sick for about a week and turned into about the worst sleepers ever. Up constantly (which is one thing) and wouldn't go back down in their cribs (which is a whole different ball game). I spent most of the night sleeping uncomfortably on the chair in their room. I tried co-sleeping, but Adam would cuddle while Scott would roam around, so I was scared he'd fall off the bed. Even sleeping on the chair wasn't a good solution because they both move so much. Scott would be rolling around on my lap, and Adam would be boob obsessed all night.... Don't even get me started on the snot. The poor boys were sooo congested. Ugh, it sucked overall. But we seem to be past it now, and they are finally sleeping better again. It's hard - you want to be with them whenever they need you when they're sick... But then they get used to that, and it turns into a bit of neediness at night. Let's just say I was over tired and grumpy for a little while. They napped great during the day though, so I (finally) did the whole 'nap when the babies nap' thing - amazing! Overall with sleep... They're crappy sleepers. We have good nights, but they're not exactly consistent. It's official. At least when they're older I will cherish all of the extra cuddles I get in with them.... right?

The boys are usually up around 7, and have breakfast after getting their diapers changed. We play in the family room, read books etc, and then it's milkies at about 8:15 before their morning nap. They're usually asleep by 8:30, up anywhere from 9:30-10. Sometimes one of them will surprise us though and nap for 2 hours. After the nap, we usually run errands or go shopping. We also go to 'stay n play' at the rec centre every once in a while, the boys really like that. Basically a big gym with toys, and you can let your toddlers run wild for an hour or so. It's fantastic. Lunch around noon, milkies, and nap by 1. Sleep for an hour or two, and then we have time to do whatever until dinner. Usually we just hang out or go for a walk though. If we're out and about during the day, we can also just go out for lunch and do a stroller nap too. I like the naps at home though, because it's time to just hang out in peace and quiet for a while. Dinner around 5:20, then down to the basement to play, have a bath, and off to bed by about 7 or 7:15. Of course every day is different, but having a schedule has worked pretty well for us. My Mom and I are taking them to Disneyland next week (again, I know. We like Disney, okay?) and I'm really curious how they will do with everything this time! I'm no longer nursing 'to sleep' so I'm kind of scared as to whether or not they will fall asleep on their own in the playpens.... We shall see!

The infant development lady came out again and assessed the boys. They both did great - except for communication. The boys can understand tons of stuff; they can point to their heads, hair, nose, ears, mouth, foot, 'piggies' (toes), clap, do peekaboo, blow kisses, give kisses, do mad face, silly face, make fart noises on command... Plus much more. They just refuse to actually talk. They have their own little language, and 'talk' to each other often. We're not worried about it though, they will talk when they're ready, and I'm sure they will never ever stop talking at that point! Jamie and I were both late talkers apparently, so maybe it runs in the family! They LOVE giving kisses lately, it's adorable. They'll kiss each other, and then wander over and give Jamie and I big kisses too, so cute.  Also, the funniest thing ever as of late is to touch index fingers and we go 'Bzzzz!!!!'. Apparently it's the funniest thing they've ever seen, so now they're constantly strolling around with their fingers up wanting to touch and hear 'bzzzz!'

They are now in 12 month pants, mostly 18 month shirts, and size 3 diapers. Both of them have 12 teeth - the 4 front teeth (top and bottom) plus 2 molars on the top and bottom. Favourite things to eat lately are PB & J, oatmeal cookies, peas, pasta, yogurt, cottage cheese... all sorts of things. They got a little bit pickier when they were sick last week, but the appetite is coming back. They are both a bit over 20 lbs, and 31 inches tall.

Okay, time to let (way too many) pictures do the talking... we've had a busy few months! And then on to their separate pics and updates, because they are such different little dudes!

Adam and Scott in their playhouse (which we've since outgrown) with Daddy 
Mommy with her boys! S & A  
They are obsessed with the car shopping carts! A & S
S & A - we went to the aquarium with Nana in August! 
S & A with Gramma, Poppa, and Abrielle at the PNE! 
A & S - PNE again with Nana and Grampy! Scott's shirt disappeared on the green screen! 
Augtoberfest at the Dutzi's house! A & S - little German babies! 
S & A - Boxes make the best toys!
Scotty loving on Adam at Costco. 

After our first swimming lesson, enjoying the last bits of summer! Adam in the front. 
Adam and Scott showing off their 'mad faces' 
Adam and Scott - Silly faces! 
A & S - Little bookworms! 
Trying out potties! S & A 
A & S playing like big boys at the park
S in white, A in gray. At Stay n' Play! 
Swimming lessons! A & S 
Look at those faces! S & A 
New playcube! So fun! Scott at the top. 
Wearing their flannels. S & A... These were the first sweaters we bought when we found out they were boys! 
We participated in the breastfeeding challenge at the Surrey Public Health Unit! A & S
The boys love painting! A left, S right
Happy Thanksgiving! Scott with Daddy, Adam with Mommy 
A & S driving Uncle Andrew's Razor! 
We switched to new clip on high chairs! Eating at the table like big boys! A top, S bottom. 

My Adam! He is such a little sweetie. Adam is obsessed with his superhero 'itty bittys', and loves to carry them two at a time. He is a star at pointing out his body parts, and loves making fart noises on command, clapping, playing peekaboo etc. Adam has a fantastic 'mad face' and pulls it out pretty much every time I put on the front camera on my phone. It's so cute, he actually shakes when he does it, just to show how MAD he is! He has two signature dance moves - the 'open mouthed head nod' and the 'shoulder roll'. His hair is getting wilder every day, and it's even kind of turning into a little bit of a baby mullet in the back. When he wakes up, it tends to stick up in 50 different directions too. He loves to hand us stuff. He'll pick up tiny little pieces of fluff off of the floor, and put it in our palms. Once that fluff is gone, he'll just pretend to put things in our open hands, several times. He is walking everywhere, it actually looks weird to see him crawl ever.  He has gotten great with crayons, and loves to colour. Hes adorable and I love him so much!! 

Carrying his itty bittys! He loves the superhero ones. 
Sweet smile from my boy! 
Showing off his new jeans.
Mommy's little weightlifter.
Sick, but still smiling. We were watching Peoples' Court! 
Getting too big for the doll stroller! 
He missed his morning nap, and crashed right after lunch on the couch. 
Those eyes! 
Cheese smile with Mommy at the aquarium. 
At the Doctors. He had little mouth blisters for a few days. Turned out to just be a mild virus. 
Colouring at the Pantry
Watching a show at the PNE. Somehow we convinced him to keep on the hat! 
Baby selfie! 
Reading the newspaper with Grampy 
Case of the Mondays 
Just hanging out with Superman 
New trick. Closing the van door while I take Scott out of his car seat. 

My Scoot Scoot! Scotty is the funniest little guy. He is really starting to get chatty, and likes to imitate. He sings along to songs (mostly just humming mmhmmhmmm!), knows how to make a fire truck sound, and what sounds a puppy and a cow makes. I swear he said 'tree' today too, but I'm not quite counting it yet. He will yell 'MUM' at me if I'm not listening to him. He loves trying to say 'bzzzz' during the pointer finger game too. Adorable! He has a great new face, we call it his stank face. He does to be silly, usually when he's trying not to smile. As far as walking goes, he is great, but he likes to use something to stand him up, like a wall or a piece or furniture. He has gotten up on his own in the middle of the room a handful of times, but isn't quite confident enough yet to do it regularly. He still knee walks quite a bit too, but I'm sure he'll be walking full time before I know it. And then he can stop wearing out the knees in his pants! He is a very dainty colourer, and likes to do dots rather than lines. He is the funniest little dude, he makes me laugh constantly. I love him so much! 

Too big for the sling! 
Baby selfie! 
Those eyes!!
Hanging out in the toy box. 
Silly boy pushing buttons on the TV. 
Taking a break with Mom. 
Snacking at Starbucks. 
Check out that smile!
Sweet baby boy! 
Showing off his dirty hands. 
Crazy hair, with food on his forehead! 
He's obsessed with trying to hit buttons on the keyboard. 
With Mommy at swimming. 
Walking home from the park. 
Just hanging out.
Cutest smile.
He climbs EVERYTHING! We need to take that drawer pull off of the stove! 

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