Saturday, September 27, 2014

The Boys' Birthday Party!

Well, I am officially THREE months late on this post, and I have forgotten most of the details. We had a dinosaur themed birthday party at my parents house when the boys turned one. We had it on June 22nd, so a day before their actual birthday. It was a fantastic day, with lots of family and close friends - and the boys got spoiled! They are so lucky to have so many generous people in their lives! Soooo... because it's so late, I'm going to just let photos write this blog post for me! Happy belated birthday baby boys!

Cake Table
Adam all ready for the party! 
Scott playing in the hula hoop with cousin Abrielle
Who's who game! 
Scott loving their new wagon! 
Opening presents!
Cake time! Adam & Scott
mmmm, cake! 
Digging in
Scott having some post party snuggles with Dad 

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