Sunday, December 7, 2014

Fall Festivities!

Just a quick picture post here. I am long overdue for another update (holy crap, things are happening fast) and I also have to do a Disneyland post, my Mom and I went again at the beginning of November!

But for now...

Thanksgiving! We had a family brunch at my parents house (my Mom makes some good waffles) and a delicious turkey dinner at my inlaws' house. Somehow I have no photos from my parent's place... Bizarre!!
Scott in green, Adam in blue. Ready for turkey with cousin Abrielle! 
Family pic! Scott with Daddy Adam with me 

Pumpkin patch! We had to take the boys to the Pumpkin patch - We went to Hazelmere, and it was great. The boys had a fantastic time looking at the animals, playing in the dirt, and especially riding through the mud on the tractor! Once we got to the back of the farm, we went through a little corn maze to get to the pumpkins. We picked out a few and headed home. Of course, we didn't do much of anything with the pumpkins the boys chose, but hey - it's the thought that counts!

Adam liked that one! 
Scotty riding a pumpkin back on the tractor 
Adam in the dirt  
Scott wanted a big pumpkin! 

Halloween! Halloween was so so much fun. Adam was dressed up as Dracula, and Scott was Frankenstein (or Frankenscoot as we called him). After their morning nap, we went to Willowbrook mall, thinking it would be fun. Turns out, the mall has some event in the evening, and no one really cares about kids in costumes during the day. We saw a couple other dressed up toddlers, but not many! Wandered around for a little while, got some Disney Itty Bittys for our trip, and of course hit up Starbucks. For the evening, we had both sides of the family over, and went through the neighbourhood for some Trick'r'treating! The boys had an amazing time with their cousin Abrielle, and I was blown away with how well they did. We covered a lot of distance and they never once complained or got tired. They were just constantly on the move, and loved going up all of the porches and getting treats. Well, mostly just poking at the plants on porches, but you know. SO proud of them. Can't wait for next year!
Ready to go to the mall (A & S) 
Dracula (Adam) on the move  
Dracula and Frankenscoot saying hi to Nana
Adam & Scott with cousin Abrielle  
Scott with Mom and Grampy 
S & A trick'r'treating! 
Our attempt at a family pic... Notice tired Scott rubbing his eyes

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