Monday, August 11, 2014

Time Goes By...

Scott & Adam - One year photoshoot
Scott & Adam are now 13.5 months old! Every day is something new, they are growing so fast. I can't believe since my last update we've had more teeth, a vacation to Osoyoos, a trip to the zoo, a preemie assessment, tons of new skills learned, went raspberry and blueberry picking, started sleeping through the night, first steps... It's amazing. I am such a lucky Mommy!

Okay, so - sleep! We have had a great streak (aside from a couple nights) of them 'sleeping through the night'. This really usually is just one waking, but I'll take it. We've had a couple nights of them sleeping 7-7:15, and the other ones have just been a feed between 4 and 6. I am so excited to be done with that midnight feed. It felt like it was never going to happen, but then they just went ahead and did it. I remember Jamie waking me up at 6 to them crying and asking me when the last time I was up was.... And how shocking it was when I realized I HADN'T been up! Knock on wood, but it's been pretty stable now, so hopefully this is our new overnight pattern.
Naps on the other hand... We had a couple awesome days with super long naps, but also a few in the past week where they've skipped their morning nap. Luckily, they seem to function pretty well whether they get 35 minutes or 3 hours of day time napping... We just expect a lot of rubby eyes if they skipped one. If they sleep in later than about 7:45, it's usually a given that they won't want to go down in the morning. I don't want to drop that nap yet, it's when I shower!

We had the boys assessed by IDP (infant development program) because they were nearly 2 months premature. Luckily, they scored pretty well in most things. They were right where they should be for many things, great crawlers, nearly walking (at the time), very good hand eye coordination etc. They were a little low on a few areas, but I really felt like it's me to blame. They asked me if the boys did a few things like 'colour with crayons', 'put toys away', 'stack blocks', 'hand me toys' etc. These are all things that I hadn't even considered showing them how to do! I've gone over these things with them after she left, and they're catching on to everything no problem. Proud of my boys!! They are also a bit behind on communication (not saying any actual words yet) but she said that is most likely because they're twins, and that it's very common for twins to be a bit behind with language skills. I'm not worried at ALL, and she'll follow up again with us in a few months. It's reassuring to have someone come out and see the boys, and I'm glad that she went over some things I can do with them to help them continue to grow and develop.

The boys had another role as extras. The first one was for 'If I Stay' which is coming out in a couple weeks. This time, they were in a new Bravo series coming out later this year. They were 'playing the part' of babies in a photoshoot for baby jewellery, and basically it goes awry. It would have been totally fine if they were grumpy and crabby and crying, but they were actually in fantastic moods the entire time! They were so cute, and we had so many comments on what well behaved babies they are. I was so proud of them, they only napped 30 minutes in the morning, and didn't get another (30 min) nap until 3:30, but the boys were both great. I was worried they'd be crying and grouchy, but they were soooo happy. Maybe a little overly-tired-goofy, but it was adorable. I was grinning ear to ear pretty much the entire time they were on set. I hope we can get a couple more of these extra roles, it was fun, and the boys really seemed to enjoy themselves! I think it's something they'll be happy we've done when they're older, so why not.

They are both still nursing about 4-5 times a day (depending on what we're up to) and they are eating a ton of table foods too of course. They are still not very picky, and they are absolutely obsessed with fruit, especially blueberries. We've started giving them almond milk here and there, and they seem to love it. Other than that, they love water. They want their water bottles every time we are in the stroller or wagon! They are in size 3 diapers still, and 12 month clothing. I still haven't brought myself to purge the 9 month stuff... Add that to my to-do list. Speaking of which, I need to start buying clothes for fall... ahhh. Both babies can point to their (and my) bellybuttons, put away toys, and 'go night night'. They are learning how to blow kisses too, but it's not quite there yet! Both babies can get up AND down stairs/ couches like pros. They are great at turning their little bodies around and getting down safely, it's amazing.

There is way too much that I'm missing, as usual, so I'm just going to go ahead, put some pictures and update on the boys separately. They are such characters and SO different in many ways. I wish I could remember everything I want to say in these blog posts... Afterwards, I am always kicking myself thinking of all of the things I missed, as small and insignificant as they may be. I just want to remember every moment, because I'll never have them be this little again. I love my boys, and am so proud to be their Mommy!

Family pic on Canada Day! 
Adam & Scott  munching when we went raspberry picking
Scott & Adam love their wagon! 
A & S - They LOVE lying on pillows! 
Happy boys (S in back, A in front) on their way to their photoshoot!
Spray park - twin Mom style. I'm holding Scott here
Adam & Scott keeping cool! 
Scott and Adam with big sis Holly in their stroller! 
I love these faces - Scott & Adam 
Having a rare late afternoon nap - S left, A right
First time painting (with flour)! A Left, S right. 
At the zoo! Adam left, Scott right 
Scott REALLY wanted us to rent the bike at the zoo. Next time! 
Scott & Adam trying painting again! 
Scott & Adam reading books with Nana before bed. 
Scott found the soothies, Adam found the spoon. Can't keep anything from these kiddos! 


Oh, Adam. Adam is growing up so fast. He has officially taken his first steps! He had been trying out standing for a while, but never really did it for that long. We started holding his hand and he would walk with us, and now he has taken quite a few unassisted steps! He can't get up into a standing position without grabbing onto something yet, but once he's up, he can make it about 20 steps to get to us. He's like a little drunk man, balance is not his strong suit, that's for sure. We now have TEN teeth - the 8 front, and two upper molars. The molars popped up in the past week, and (knock on wood) it's been pretty easy. He is a little porker still, and loves his food. We went blueberry picking today, and he had a great time picking them right off of the bush himself. He is very chatty, but mostly 'ahh's and uhh's, 'mama's and 'dada's'... Not really any actual words quite yet, and he sure still has his demon growl. So funny. Adam has the most wild hair, it cannot be tamed. It is getting pretty long, but it is very fine... So he gets a mad case of bedhead, which tends to last all day. I love it so much. He is great with the push walker, and can now turn it to get where he wants to go, without any help! He loves watching Jamie in the backyard, and stands on a box to look out the window and bang on it for Daddy's attention. Adam loves to 'read books'. He will sit and turn the pages, and chat away to himself, reading the pages. He is my little snugglebug, and I just love him so much.

With Holly. We're still working on 'gentle pets'
Walmart shopping with Mom! 
Hanging out in the wagon! 
Love x a million
Picking some good raspberries from the bucket
Wild hair flapping in the wind as he blows bubbles. 
Playing (aka throwing) with his dollies
Selfie with Mom! 
Getting safely off of the chair 
Walmart doesn't have double carts, so Adam goes in the ergo! 
Looking out the window 
Picking out toys! 


Scotty, my little man! Scott has turned into my little brainiac. He has figured out so many things. He can stack blocks, up to four high. He is the best at putting away toys, and tries to help me clean up all of the time. I feel like he's learning and retaining new things constantly. He has located (and is obsessed with) his bellybutton, and likes to poke at mine while eating too. He has 9 teeth (8 front, and 1 top molar), and number 10 should be popping through any day. He is such a happy little guy. He was so great on the TV shoot - as soon as we'd get to set, he'd want to be held by one of the actresses, so cute. Apparently he's into blondes. He doesn't have too much interest in actually walking yet, he's convinced he's walking, but he just uses his knees instead of his feet! He can motor around pretty good on his knees, so I don't blame him for being happy with that. He's a chatty dude too, no real words yet either though. He does seem to know 'Dada' is Jamie, but I'm not 100% sure when he says it, that it's what he really means. Today, he figured out how to get out of the seatbelt in the wagon, and spent our time blueberry picking standing on his seat. The cutest thing is his block stacking though - every time he gets one he looks at us with his arms out and goes 'ah!' or 'uh!' like 'Mom! Look!!' He can get 3 high no problem, but 4 has only happened a few times so far. He is a closet soothie user... We put away all of the soothies, but every once in a while he'll find a wubbanub (or 2) and instantly starts using them. Luckily, he forgets about them when they're gone... A part of me just wants to give them to him all the time, he looks so CUTE using a soothie!!! Maybe I just want him to be my baby forever.... I love my little Scooty so much, he's growing up so fast!

Love x a million 
Raspberry face!
Someone smeared raspberries all over his pants and had to drive home in a diaper! 
Cute messy face
Drinking some almond milk 
Selfie with Mom 
Happy boy at the mall 
Excited about something at lunch! 
"Scotty, go night night!"
He stole Adam's dolly too! 
My sunshine 
Showing off his bellybutton! 

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  1. Love hearing about my favorite twin boys, and seeing all their pictures! They are the cutest, and so smart (my biased Auntie opinion...but it's true!)