Monday, February 17, 2014

Time needs to slow down just a bit!!

Just a quick update here! The boys will be 8 months old next week (I should get started on that post now...) but in the meantime, new things keep happening!

We had been seeing little buds under the boys' gums for quite a while. Last week after swimming, Scott's mouth had what almost looked like a little indent in it. Within a couple of hours, we could feel a tooth! Hard, pointy, razor sharp.... I was instantly terrified as a nursing Mother! And there it was, his first tooth, which popped out on February 14th 2014. So proud of my little guy. He wasn't that awful during the first tooth, and I wasn't really expecting it. Today we see another indent where there was a white bud, so I think number two is coming any day now. I miss the gummy smiles already. Adam doesn't quite have his first tooth yet, but the way he's been sleeping lately, I don't think it will be long now.
Little indent, tooth came that day! 
Yep, it's a tooth!
Almost #2!

We also have a crawler on our hands! Scott started crawling a few days ago. Both babies have been scooting like crazy for a while, but they usually went faster going backwards than forwards. Scott had been up and rocking on his knees for a couple weeks, but never was able to figure out that you need to move your hands too in order to get anywhere. Well, he finally figured it out this last weekend, and little man is on the move! It's not the most graceful thing in the world, and it's harder on a slippery tile floor, but he's worked it out. Hand, hand, leg, leg. He usually throws in a plank of some sort along the way, but he's got it. So proud. Adam is up and rocking, but hasn't figured out the hands yet. Maybe little bro Scott will teach him the secret soon. New in the past couple days for both babies is that they are now 'walking' when we hold their hands! Before they would just stand there, now they love 'walking' themselves around the house, it's so adorable.
"See you later, Mom!" (Scott)

Next up, my Mom and I are taking the boys to Disneyland! Jamie is going to enjoy sleeping through the night for a few days, and we're doing a Nana, Mommy, and Babies getaway. We're looking forward to getting a lot of walking in, doing some people watching, and maybe trying out a few rides. There are actually a lot of slow rides the boys can go on, I am looking forward to seeing their little faces on Dumbo, a ride I went on when I was 6 months old myself! I am a little nervous for the flight, but I think they'll do just fine. Can't wait!

I love my boys so much!! Things are so fun right now, and while I can't wait to see who they become, I want them to stay itty bitty forever.

Happiest babies (A blue, S white) watching Daddy

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