Friday, April 5, 2013

Insulin resistance is slowwwllyy starting!

My sweetie cuddling her bros!
21 weeks today! Things are going decently well, except this whole 'carrying around 2 babies' thing is hard on your body! My diabetes has been okay, but I can see that things are starting to change. I had a few days where I would be waking up several times in the middle of the night at 7.5 (135) and even with correcting those, I would still wake up in the morning around the same. I probably would have gone into the teens had I not been checking. I can't quite handle carbs like I used to, which is breaking my heart!! All I want to do is eat, but yet it's time for me to be really careful and cut down on things that don't work right now! I wish the highs could be in the first trimester - when I was not wanting to eat ANYTHING because of morning sickness. Figures that the resistance kicks in as soon as the cravings do, haha. Overall though, it's not awful. It's a constantly moving target that I'm chasing around, hoping to catch up to it! The guilt you feel when you have a high blood sugar is insane though. I just picture the poor babies all sluggish in my stomach and feel so bad. I'm sure they're just fine though. I've been waking up in the double digits if I hadn't been checking throughout the night, so I'm glad I have to get up to pee so often. I upped all of my overnight basals, and that seems to be correcting it, for now... I think I also need to bring up my basals around 9AM too. I ate breakfast around 10AM the past couple days and even though my blood was in the 4's (72) at 8AM, by the time I ate it had crept up to the 6's (108) without any food. Those numbers aren't 'bad' by any means, but it is definitely showing that there is a little bit of a climb that shouldn't be there.

I just booked a follow-up with the MFM in 2 weeks, he wants to get another look at the twins to make sure everything is okay. They were one oz apart in size last time, and I'm hoping that it doesn't spread anymore. I'm sure things are fine with them, but I am sooo paranoid. It's tough though - I originally had my bi-weekly growth scans scheduled at RCH (where I'll be delivering) and I had asked my obgyn if I could move them to a new centre a little closer to home. He didn't see an issue with it, and said to go ahead if I could get the appts moved. His receptionist wasn't super helpful with moving the appts over, and it was kind of stressful. I wasn't sure if it was a good option, so I called the office for the MFM and double checked with them that it was okay to move them, because they're just growth scans, and the reports would be sent out same. I was under the impression if anything showed up that was even a little bit out of whack, I could just drive to the hospital and be checked out by my doctor if need be. Now the MFM wants to see me in person for ultrasounds more regularly, and they aren't really telling me whether or not to keep my existing growth scan appts at the new place.... I'm going to need some clarification. I regret moving them at all now, but thought I had done my due diligence. Last time I try to save $3 on bridge tolls and 30 min/ appt!!! haha.

Okay, I'm exhausted so it's bed time soon! Weekly survey and some pics! I am determined to post about strollers and cribs etc this weekend... That's my goal!

How far along? 21 weeks!
Total weight gain: About 5 lbs from my pre-pregnancy weight now
Maternity Clothes? Absolutely. Although I find my old sweatpants work as long as they're really low cut too.
Stretch Marks? None yet.... I need to up my cocoa butter routine though, I'm nervous!
Sleep: Hasn't been great for the past few days. I find my left hip is hurting if I lie on my left side now. I'm still getting up to pee lots, which is good because I can test my blood in the middle of the night while doing so. I just need to find a comfortable way to lie in bed, and I'll be all set. I find I wake myself up with round ligament pain too.
Easter 2013 - 20 + 1
Miss anything? My old back!!! As someone who has never had any sort of back issues before, this is brutal.
Movement: Lots! It's so cute, they always kick me if I tuck in too tight to my desk at work and press up against them. They like their space in there. They are also moving around like crazy.  I am getting kicks from my hairline, right up to my ribs. They have one huge swimming pool uterus in there! Lots of room to flail around right now. Lots of rolling and twisting too, right now actually. I love it.
Food cravings: This week it was Panago pizza, haha. Still loving grapefruits, and I had some tasty grapes and black plums this weekend. So excited for summer fruits. Jamie bought me some raspberries from Trader Joes, and they were worth what they cost (which was way too much).
Anything making you queasy or sick?  Nope!
Gender: Boys, boys, boys!
Best moment this week: Jamie feeling his first kicks! He finally caught some of them, and they booted him pretty good. It was soooo neat!
Labour signs: Nothing!
Symptoms: I'm just slow to get up from the couch/bed and my back is killing me. And I'm huge!
Bellybutton in or out? Still in, but I think it's starttttinggg to pop at the very top.
Wedding rings on or off? Still on, no swelling yet.
Happy or moody most of the time? Happy for the most part. I have my moments, but nothing crazy!
Looking forward to: Next week! I have an obgyn appt on Monday, diabetes appt on Tuesday (although those ones are boring) and another ultrasound on Wednesday! I love weeks with appts, I need constant reassurance things are okay.

Dog park attire, 20+2

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