Thursday, March 28, 2013

17, 18, 19 weeks...

Crap, well apparently I haven't kept up with my 'blogging every week' thing. Boo. I've been meaning to for the past week, but my back has been killing me and my laptop has been stupid and on the fritz for a few days. So even though it's after midnight, I'm getting something out tonight! Big news! Made it to the half way point! I kind of considered 18 weeks my 'half way point' because I don't think they will be in there much past 36 weeks, but now I'm at the 'normal' half way point too!

So - diabetes. Overall, things are starting to get a littttleee bit more difficult. I am starting to see more of the 11's (198) 1 hour post meal, not the 8-9's (144-162) I would like. Saturday was a scary night too... I changed my site prior to dinner and Jamie and I went to Moxies. Got home and my blood was 13.9 (250) 1 hour post meal. Higher than I'd like, but not a huge concern with all of the iob. 45 mins later I was up to 17 (306)!!! I corrected that, and Jamie and I went for a nice long walk; I was convinced it would be down to normal when we got back. Got back from our walk and.... 16.6. (299) At this point I pulled the site, and had a good cry from the frustration of it. It ended up taking an injection and about 3 hours total to get my blood below 10 (180). What an awful night. Of course I then had a couple lows in the night, but I would much rather deal with those than a BG that won't come down. So scary. I'm assuming my insulin resistance will kick in real soon, and I am terrified for that. I'm just telling myself that I'm doing the best I can and I am correcting everything ASAP every time. I am obsessive with testing my blood and I know I don't have highs running through my system without me knowing about them at least. It's not a perfect science, but we're getting through it. Had my appt with the diabetes clinic on Tuesday and they seemed pretty happy with my numbers, yay.

What else is new? We've been doing some shopping! We bought a stroller (a Kolcraft Contours Options LT) and I do really like it! That being said, I am the most indecisive person in the world, so I've also ordered a double graco stroller (which matches our infant car seats) and I'm waiting for that one to come before we make our final decision! I will do a post on 'baby gear' once we decide and I can talk about that sort of stuff, I need more time to write up that one though!

Today was probably the most amazing day EVER. I had the fetal echocardiagram, and my Mom came with me because Jamie was working. I took the day off, and Mom and I went for a nice long walk on the beach this morning which was great. After that, we showered up and went for lunch (mmm Swiss Chalet) and then off to the Ultrasound. Luckily the tech invited my Mom right in and she was able to watch the whole thing. We started off getting some measurements of the babies and then the MFM (maternal fetal medicinist) came in and made sure all the heart stuff was okay.
They noticed that the babies seemed to be face to face and said to 'flip it into 3D'. The tech brought out a different wand, pressed a couple buttons and OMG the babies were forehead to forehead in living (orange) colour. It was AMAZING!! The dr said he'd never seen something like that before and called in a guy named Chris who seemed to be an Ultrasound Guru. They all played with the 4D images for at least 20 minutes and it was just soooo cool. So exciting to see them looking like real babies and not just little black and white profiles! It's funny how it's different when it's your own baby... I usually think 4D ultrasounds are kind of creepy and funny looking, but seeing your own babies on there... I could not stop talking about how cute they are! We also got an amazing shot of Baby B with his hands clapsed together over his chest while he smiles. Plotting a plan of some sort, I'm sure. Overall, just an awesome day. They're both kicking like crazy, and sometimes I can see it from the outside, but Jamie hasn't been able to see it quite yet. Hopefully soon... They get stronger every day.

They gave me a TON of pics at the U/S
Okay, what else is new? BACK PAIN!! I am sleeping well (aside from peeing 3 times a night) and wake up feeling great. I am okay if I am up and moving around, but sitting just kills my back! By 2PM at work, I am in sooo much pain. Sitting at the table for dinner and sitting on the couch is killer at night. I spent most of my evenings lying on the floor in front of the fireplace now. The back pain is primarily in my upper back, and a little bit off to the right. I need to make some time and set up a massage therapy appt, I really think that would help. Today was better than most days though, probably because I was up and around all day long! You would never think that an office job would be difficult while pregnant, but it's been pretty bad - boo. Oh well, we'll see how things go!

Okay, survey time and some pics... this Momma needs to go to bed! I will try to post about strollers (it has been a journey) once a decision is made, haha!

How far along? 19 weeks, 6 days
Total weight gain: Pre-preg, I am now up 4 lbs! 14 lbs, if you go by what I lost from morning sickness! Yahoo
Maternity Clothes? Absolutely. That or giant baggy tee shirts at home. My regular tees have now become crop tops, haha!
Stretch Marks? None yet, at least that I can see... Really hoping they stay away
Sleep: Better! I sleep really really well, I just wake up often to pee... Good thing with that is I get lots of BG tests done in the middle of the night.
Miss anything? Palm Bays and my back not hurting.
Movement: Stronger and more frequent every day! I've now seen a handful of kicks from the outside, but those ones aren't as often yet.
Food cravings: Haha, everything. Healthy stuff would be grapefruits, strawberries, bananas etc... But I've also had major cravings for donuts (which I've only given in to twice) and sour candies. Cravings are insane though, it's literally all I can think of when I want something. And I wake up hungry and am starving for lunch by noon, when I don't typically take lunch at work until 1 or after.
Anything making you queasy or sick? Morning sickness seems to have LEFT the building
Gender: Boys, boys, boys!
Best moment this week: Everything! The movements, the ultrasound today, my giant belly growing... I love it all! If they'd be nice to my back, this would be perfect!
Labour signs: Nothing! I also have decided that what I thought were Braxton Hicks are actually Round Ligament Pain. Cervix is looking great, so I'm happy about that too. I want to keep those babies safe and cooking
Symptoms: Ahhh, a giant tummy? That, along with cravings and back pain
Bellybutton in or out? Still in, but very wide and flat now!
Wedding rings on or off? On, fingers are still the same size.
Happy or moody most of the time? Happy, although I did beat Jamie (joking of course - kinda) because he didn't bring me home snacks last night. Haha, I get lots of hormonal moments, but I am usually laughing as it happens. I know I am just acting over the top and silly so it's funny.
Looking forward to: My next appt on April 9th! I love going in and getting reassurance everything is okay... And I can't wait for the movement to be strong enough for Jamie to feel!!
Just a little growth in 1 month!!


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