Sunday, May 27, 2012

Almost Time!!!

Wow, this website looks different once again, weird! Oh well.. :)

I am leaving Vancouver and heading to Moshi in only... 17 sleeps! Holy moly, it's coming up so soon! I am feeling very unprepared, and need to start packing! I feel like I planned way earlier for the other treks. I need to get things like long underwear and hiking poles, and start stock piling snacks to bring on the trek. I also need to get a camera, I'm thinking about buying one that takes double A's, so that I don't need to be worried about it dying half way up the mountain. My current camera has been crappy lately, and I also have my waterproof one which is great, but doesn't work all that wonderful unless it's for the 'beach/pool' thing. So methinks I need to hit up Future Shop in the next week and finally find something that I love. My Mom and I are determined to get some good pics on the top of Kili, even though I explained to her that you feel pretty much DEAD at the top. I thought a lot about using a different backpack (as mine is ugly and orange) but it is SO comfortable and I think that's more important than something stylish. Either way, exciting stuff!!!

Other updates on the home life is that I really hope Jamie gets around to finishing the backyard while I'm gone! We've been debating whether or not to put in a deck (I say yes, he says no) and I'm getting to the point where I don't care, I just want it done! I want to enjoy the summer out the back with a fire pit, that's all I want! The May long weekend was fun, it was my birthday on the Thursday, Friday I went for a hike and then to the Keg with my Honey, which is always great. Saturday I went boating with my family, and Sunday/Monday I think Jamie and I just drank and lazed around the house, haha! I can't remember exactly.

With the baby updates, we're going to see how things go when I get back from Kilimanjaro. We went to Vegas at the beginning of May (for our third 'last hurrah') and that was a ton of fun. When I get back in late June, we want to just see how things go, and try to not put pressure on ourselves. I know I'm going to change my mind completely and obsess over everything, but my plan is to NOT PLAN!!! We'll see how that works out for us though. I am excited to get pregnant, but at the same time, I love our summers of having a palm bay on Friday nights after work (or maybe a couple) and just enjoying the good times. If it doesn't happen, there is talk of another Vegas trip in September, so we'll see!

Anyways, I'll try to update again before Kilimanjaro, but no promises. And I know there is not a single diabetes update on here, but things are pretty much the same as always right now!

Until next time :)

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