Thursday, August 9, 2012

Back at it

Kilimanjaro in the background!

I have officially summitted Mount Kilimanjaro for the second time. This Kili trek was the HARDEST thing I have ever done. My Mom told me that summit night was harder than being in labour and giving birth (she delivered me and my brother both through natural unmedicated labours) so I'm looking forward to the next step of my life. I am planning on doing a whole blog post about the entire adventure, but it will take me a long time to write. The experience was just simply amazing. You can't even begin to imagine how gorgeous the scenery is; how amazing it is to wake up one morning to trek up and over a rock wall that had been intimidating you all night, and to finally make it all the way to the top. It is truly beyond words, but I will try one day to write something and add more photos etc. I'm still starting my photo book - I printed off all of my photos, but printed photos just aren't as exciting as the new books you can make, I'll get there!

Anyways, since I've been back, life has been going well. Jamie and I are back in the swing of trying to make things happen, and even though I say I am 'just going to let it happen' it is so difficult. I don't know how to not obsess over every single 'symptom' in the second half of your cycle. I've tried, believe me. We're going to give it another couple of months and then maybe start looking at getting some testing done. I'm sure everythings fine, but it's frustrating for sure. I always expected we'd throw away the condoms, ditch the birth control and BAM be pregnant. I wish it was that simple, but it just isn't. I can't wait until I can use this blog to talk about managing my diabetes through pregnancy, instead of just talking about the future. I know we'll get there soon though, so I'm staying positive! We've put off TTC for a few things in the past year, and I have to say I'm glad we did during those times. I wouldn't wake up with perfect vision (thank you laser eye surgery) and have enough memories to last a lifetime from the Kili trek if we didn't take a break.

Diabetes wise.... I have been slipping a little bit. After 3 years of writing down all of my blood sugars, I have stopped logging everything and even though I say I will download my meter and pump every week, that hasn't been happening. I need to get that back on track for sure. I think I went so hard trying to prepare the other times we've been TTC that when we took some time off I just let it all go. I'm not saying anything is BAD, I need to do a new A1C but I think it will still be pretty good. I just don't obsess the way I have in the past. I don't always test exactly an hour after a meal, I don't wake up at 2AM to see what's going on in the middle of the night. I'm sure that will all change as soon as I see 2 lines on a pregnancy test, I think I need to get out of the mindframe of thinking 'it's never going to happen' that I occasionally fall into and keep the good thoughts coming.

I'll update again soon - hopefully with good news! I'm just way to impatient for this stuff, I swear! I'll finish this with a photo of my Mom & I at the top of Kilimanjaro. I was SO out of it during this photo.... I also thought I was low, so I was trying my hardest to bring up my blood by choking back fruit bars and trying to drink my (frozen) gatorade. I found out a hour later when my meter thawed enough to use that my blood was actually in the 30's (540 for any American readers) and it was not a good day getting it back to normal.... More on that later though!

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