Tuesday, September 6, 2011

oooh, forgot to mention!

I must talk about our latest diabetes accident in the home!

Jamie was kind enough to help me change my infusion set last week, and he was pumping air in and out of the cartridge to lube it up before filling it with insulin. I was just walking over to tell him I didn't quite need the cartridge filled when all of the sudden there was a yelp and a LOT of blood... He was dripping blood all over the floor, it was pooling in his palm, it was pretty gruesome! Turns out when he was pulling air in, he somehow popped off the needle cap, and when he was pumping air out, he went through his ring finger and into his middle finger.

Yuck. I had done that about 3-4 years into pumping back in the day, so I figured something similar would happen again one day, but not so soon, and not to Jamie!! Poor hubby :(

Luckily, he's all healed now, and at least it was a nice brand new sterile needle! I wonder what the next diabetic injury will be... I haven't pulled out an infusion set on a door handle yet, I'm thinking that's next on the list!

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