Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Batteries and Infusion Sites

Wow, time is really flying by! I am less than a week away from no more contacts! I have to wear my glasses (boo) for two weeks, and then it's pre-op and operation (assuming everything looks good in the pre-op of course). My Mom and I are enrolled in some wonderful running a couple days after the surgery as well. She's doing a full marathon (impressive!) and I'm doing an 8km run at the same time, because I'd feel lazy just standing around for 5-6 hours waiting for her to finish... I called the Lasik clinic and they said as long as I don't sweat into my eyeballs, I should be just fine for the run.

I had a little bit of a battery issue with my pump over the weekend... My battery was showing as completely full until late Friday afternoon, when it dropped to 2/3's. I figured I'd get about another 5 days out of it and didn't think anything of it. On Saturday after we got in around 10:45 my pump all of the sudden alarmed and said that the battery was low and to change now. I figured it was just getting a little ahead of itself and decided I'd deal with it the next day. I mean it had JUST gone to 2/3, surely I'd be able to get a few more days out of it. Not the case, Jamie woke me up at 3:30 because my pump was alarming its face off. Luckily he's a light sleeper because there is no way that would wake me up. Anyways, in a sleepy stupor I tried seeing what was going on with the silly thing and the screen is BLACK. I can't touch anything, and the alarm will NOT shut up. I don't know if my basal was still continuing or what. I went downstairs and changed out the battery (thank god I had some double A's sitting around!) and went back to bed, none too pleased. I got 4 weeks out of the battery, so that's not a big problem, but I really do not like that it just died within 36 hours, when it had been showing as completely full. My meter remote is a little bit sketchy too. The battery was showing as 2/3 on some screens and fully charged on some other screens. It started giving me 'change battery' messages, which I ignored initially because the screens still showed as fully charged. After getting the message 3 times (and still getting 2/3 or 3/3 on the screens) I bit the bullet and changed the batteries. I got the change battery screen about 4 hours after changing them, so I have no idea why that came up, as they are brand new batteries. Since then everything looks okay, but I am not happy with these battery issues. I'll see how it goes with what's in there right now and if it drops drastically again, I'm calling tech support. What if I wasn't home? It only gave me 3 hours before my pump was completly 100% not responding at all dead. That is unbelievable, and pretty dangerous if you ask me.

Other thing on my mind is placement of the infusion sets. I love my 'side' areas the best, on my love handles (haha) and my side-stomach essentially. I switch left-front, right-front, left-back, right-back each time. I have the most trouble with areas that tend to bend when I sit down. I put one in today and the adhesive kind of crinkles almost where my skin seems to be bending. I hope it sticks in there well, because I'm worried about it just peeling up. I would use pretty much the exact same spots every time, but I don't want to get any scar tissue. So far my sites look great (can only really see a tiny dot and only for a day or so after) but I'm just worried.

bah, stressful.

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