Tuesday, March 25, 2014

9 months...

Happy 9 Months Boys!! 
9 months old! Adam & Scott are NINE months old!!! Actually, as I start typing this it is 11:12 PM on the 23rd... Which means at this time 9 months ago, I was mid surgery, only moments away from the boys entering the world. I had no idea what to really expect, but it has been eye opening and AMAZING. The boys have so much personality. They are two of the funniest little people I've ever known, and I don't even think that's only because of my 'Mom-bias'... They are hilarious!

So the past month has been pretty great. My Mom and I took the boys to Disneyland, which was a ton of fun. I think I still need to do my Disney post, that's coming up! After that, we've just been spending time at home, and getting excited for spring to come. Sleep (don't I always talk about sleep??) has had improvements and regressions.... Nights aren't awful. The boys are still down by 7,  and sleep anywhere from 3-6 (which is rare) hours to start. We still have some nights where it seems like they're up constantly, and the occasional night with only (only??) 3-4 wakings. Adam is usually in bed with us by 5:30ish, and Scott sometimes joins around 6, but he's pretty good at staying asleep in his crib until 7! Naps have been a different story though. We had some really bad habits start and for the past few couple months, pretty much every single nap has been out of the house. Tons of hours put in with the stroller, or out on the road in their car seats. Sometimes they'll nap in bed with me in the mornings while nursing, but that's not a guaranteed way to get them to sleep, and with their new teeth... It's not very relaxing for me. I attempted crib naps today for the first time in forever and it didn't go terribly! They both slept in about 40 minute increments, with not much crying. I am ready to camp out at home for the next little while (as much as possible) and get this to be a normal thing. It was amazing being able to sit down without babies for a couple minutes at home, knowing they're resting just upstairs! I'm hoping it can translate into napping at other houses, it would be nice to be able to put them down for a nap at my their Grandparents' houses. Fingers crossed!

Both babies are teething like crazy, and that hasn't been much fun. We can tell they're uncomfortable, and they're constantly chewing on their fingers. Hopefully we get a break from it soon! The cold they were sick with last month lasted a little over a week, and it was pretty rough. I am so happy to say it's long gone and they are totally back to normal now. With Jamie and I being sick at the same time, that one week seemed to last forever. The last month has brought a huge increase in mobility! We have two crawlers, two babies pulling to stand (on everything) and two curious little minds who want to explore everything. Whenever I go out I get the 'you must have your hands full' comments... They have no idea! Twins should come with two extra arms, we need it. The babies are still little piggies, they love eating. We haven't introduced anything too exciting in the past month, but we're starting to venture out more for restaurant meals. It was a bit of a gray area for a while there. They were too big to sleep the entire time in their carseats, yet to young to sit for a full meal in a high chair. It's great now because we just give them some puffs and they will happily feed themselves those, or play with their toys. Pretty cute. We're still in size 3 diapers, and just about to move up from the 6 month clothing to the 9 month stuff. The shirts and sleepers are getting tight, and the pants are becoming flood pants! We've added brushing their teeth every night to the routine and they seem to enjoy it. They love playing in our new family room off of the kitchen, and are really starting to interact with each other, which I love. They are amazing little men, and they are growing way too fast. We have way more good times than bad times and I love them more than I can even begin to explain. How did I get this lucky??... Picture overload time!

Adam & Scott - little pilgrims at dinner! 
Adam & Scott getting fuelled by puffs. Thanks Nana! 
Adam & Scott - my favourite boys! 

Begging for pear with the doggies
A & S - having some lunch. Getting big! 
Adam & Scott looking fabulous at Gramma's house! 
S & A - future hockey stars! 
Scott & Adam planning some mischief
Scott using Adam as a speed bump
Scott & Adam - stage 5 clingers
Birth: 3 lbs, 15 oz
1 Month: 5 lbs, 5 oz
2 Months: 7 lbs, 6 oz
3 Months: 9 lbs, 12 oz
4 Months: 11 lbs, 10 oz
5 Months: 13 lbs, 8 oz
6 Months: 14 lbs, 2 oz
7 Months: 15 lbs, 3 oz
8 Months: 16 lbs, 1 oz
9 Months: 16 lbs, 9 oz

Adam, Adam, Adam. He's such a sweet little guy. It's been a busy month for Big A, and he's been doing lots of new things! He had mastered a great 'scoot/pull' instead of a crawl but as of a few days ago, he is now on the same level as Scott with crawling like a big boy. Now we have two babies who love to get into anything and everything, fun! Adam loves dancing. If you have him on his back and he's in a good mood (which is pretty often!), he will totally groove along if you tell him to dance or if you clap. He also likes dancing after bites of food, it is adorable. He is still 'bababa-ing' and I am hoping it turns into 'mama' soon! I'll even take 'dada', if thats an easier transition for him. Coffee cups are his favourite toy still, and he's really starting to notice his little brother. He is (usually) a very willing speed-bump, because Scott loves to crawl over Adam all of the time. He has both of his bottom teeth, and is in the process of cutting three teeth on the top. When he cries in his crib, he likes it when I come in and just rest my hand on his back. He'll go silent instantly, but god forbid I try to leave before he's ready for me to sneak out. I think he'll always be a kid that needs a little bit of extra cuddles, which is fine by me. His hair is getting longer and longer, and he loves when you blow in his face. We love doing it because it blows his hair straight up, it's adorable. We have many slow motion videos of this happening! We've been using the Kolcraft stroller with the seats more often and he is a big fan of sitting with his legs up on the belly bar. Adam is a chill little guy. He is happy to sit still for a bit and take in the scene before really getting up and exploring. He is great with picking up his food and feeding himself, and when being spoon fed he likes to suck the food off of the spoon instead of just opening his mouth! He's adorable and I love him so much! Oh, and he always seems to lose a sock. Seriously - it is impossible to keep two socks on this kid!! 

Adam enjoying some pancakes
Love that smile! 
One socked silly face!
Sitting up with teething cheeks at the twin play group! 
Chewing on his teething necklace! 


Adam trying to get into the dishwasher

Birth: 3 lbs, 9 oz
1 Month: 4 lbs, 13 oz
2 Months: 6 lbs, 12 oz
3 Months: 8 lbs, 13 oz
4 Months: 10 lbs, 8 oz
5 Months: 12 lbs, 8 oz
6 Months: 13 lbs, 8 oz
7 Months: 14 lbs, 11 oz
8 Months: 15 lbs, 13 oz
9 Months: 16 lbs, 4 oz

Scooty! Scott is the funniest little guy. He always is up to something, and he is constantly on the go! Scott recently started pulling himself up in his crib (as discovered at 3:30 AM) and so now both of the boys are much lower to the ground! He still pulls up, but at least I'm not worried about him falling out. Speaking of in the crib - After putting the babies to bed Jamie and I heard thumping coming from their room. Scott was kneeling in his crib chatting away and whacking the side. He then laid down and kicked his legs around for a while, before finally scooting all the way to the other side (kicking some more) and drifting off to sleep. I have a hilarious video from their crib naps today. Adam was asleep and Scott is 'EEEEE-ing' and blowing raspberries and doing pretty much whatever he can to wake up Adam. He eventually wedged a leg through the crib rails, so I had to intervene on his fun at that point. Scott is like a little ray of sunshine, as corny as that sounds. He has the most giant, wide, goofy smile, with his giant chompers on display. He has his two bottom teeth, 2 tops (one sprouted very recently) and two more on the top cutting right now! He loves getting into the dogs' food and water, and exploring the fridge. Any time we have it open, he will crawl over as fast as he can to check out what's in there. He loves kneeling and pulling himself up to stand and will happily shout 'eeeeeeeeee!' when he's up high, always holding on with only one hand of course! He has figured out how to climb up a single step, but not quite how to get back down yet. He is independent and easy to get to fall asleep on his own. He did a six hour stretch the other night, which was much appreciated. He loves eating and whacking his high chair while waiting for food. I know he'll be the instigator in the mischief him & Adam get up to, I can't wait. I love him so much! 
Playing on his own like a big boy at the twin playgroup
Obsessed with Harley
My little man when he was sick with a cold
Checking out the good stuff
Helping Mommy with the laundry
Trying to get to Holly
My little stair climber


  1. How often do your boys wake up to nurse at this point? My girls are still up 2-3 times at night and the doctor is telling me I need to eliminate one of their feedings but I'm apprehensive.

    1. Hi Christie! I see you posted about this on your blog, I'm going to head over there to comment :)

  2. I appreciate the comments! I'm checking out your tips on your blog this morning too! Thanks a lot!!