Saturday, August 17, 2013

Life with twins

So, the boys have been home for exactly one month (well one month tomorrow) and I am finally getting around to blogging again! Life has been crazy busy, but I love it! I want to say we're getting into a 'routine' but really... a routine is just whatever works for the babies each certain day. Things have been really good. The boys are growing like crazy and as of yesterday Adam weighs a whopping 6 lbs, 14 oz and Scott is gaining fast as well at 6 lbs 4 oz. They are just changing so much every day, I can't believe I grew them myself! With the help of Jamie of course.

I don't even know where to start with talking about our new life, so I'll go back to what this blog should have some of - diabetes stuff! Since the boys arrived, I have been running reallllyyy low. I cut back my basals pretty far after delivery and that didn't help much. I was barely bolusing at all for most meals and still ending up in the 2's and 3's - breastfeeding really takes a lot of energy I guess! I had my first diabetes appt and we cut everything back about an additional 30%. My daily basal rates went from about 28 units a day during pregnancy down to 16! It's working pretty well, but I did have to bring it back up a little bit in some areas. Seems to be working though. I'm having less lows, and I very rarely have highs. Usually if I do have a high it's because I completely forgot to bolus, which happens occasionally now. I don't test 12+ times a day like I did when I was pregnant, I don't ever seem to have a hand free to pull out my meter as much as I'd like to!

Ah, I wish I knew what to post about! I always have great intentions to blog, but there is just SO much to talk about and I get overwhelmed even thinking about where to start! So for today, I'll mention bathtime! They boys have hated their baths since getting home... Today we finally figured out that if we add way more water, they both LOVE it!! I guess they were just too cold before. We always put a warm wet washcloth over the tummy etc, but they still screamed. Today, I just filled it up higher so they were more submerged (they take separate baths by the way!) and both of them were great. Not a peep from either one! Bedtime has been great some days, awful some days. They are still sleeping in a playpen next to our bed and tonight was a good one. After their bath, I nursed both on the couch and they fell asleep on me for about 45 minutes... Brought them both upstairs at nine to be changed and swaddled and we each held one and read them a story.... Scott was completely konked out by the end, he was sucking his lip in his sleep - too cute. Adam was almost asleep and both boys went straight down without any fussing after being put in the playpen, amazing!!! I usually go to bed at the same time as them, but last night and tonight I've used it as my own 'Mommy' time to catch up on my blog/ websites/ have a snack and it's been nice! I'm heading to bed once I'm done this and if tonight is anything like last night, I should get a solid 3 hours of sleep before the next feed!

Life is good :) It's tough though... On one hand I can't wait to them to get bigger/ gain a little more independence but I know I will never get these infant moments back so I am enjoying all the quiet snuggles I can get every day. I'm a lucky Mommy. Speaking of lucky - I can't believe how great Jamie has been. He gets up 2-3 times in the night with me to help change and position the babies, and is the best at swaddling them back up to sleep. He cooks me dinner every single night and has just been so wonderful and supportive. So many people say that having babies is hard on a relationship, but I feel like we're closer than ever. Granted we don't exactly spend a whole lot of 'time' together anymore, but we'll get there. We're already planning our first trip back to Vegas sometime in the next year or 2, haha. Also, my Mom has kept me sane while Jamie is off at work. I don't find having babies 'tough' but I do have trouble juggling them at the same time. The actual feeding/ changing/ entertaining is easy - it's just hard to tote them both around at times when they can't support their own heads. My Mom comes over almost every day and we've been super active together, going for daily walks/ shopping etc. I've always had a great relationship with her, but it's just gotten so much stronger since the boys have been here, which I love. It's funny - having your own kids really makes you appreciate how much a mother does to provide for her children.

Anyways, it's almost 11, so bedtime for this Momma! Gone are the days of staying up until 1AM every night!!!

Couple pics  :)
Cuties doing tummy time

My sweeties - Adam and Scott


Starbucks run! Can't go a day without green tea

Out for lunch

Wearing both boys in a Moby - Adam hated it

Love my Britax stroller! Walmart trip :)

.... Sometimes a pretty common sight around here!! lol

Scott getting burped by Daddy

Adam being sassy

My loves!

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