Monday, May 6, 2013

Feeling positive

Flowers from our lilac tree
I am officially at 25 weeks, 4 days pregnant! Things are still going pretty well, but carrying these little guys is still pretty hard on the body. I wouldn't change it though, and love having them in there. This will likely be my only pregnancy (because Jamie and I only want two kids... at least right now) so I'm trying to just enjoy it as much as I can! Let's see, what's new and exciting? Well, SPRING is officially here in the lower mainland! Jamie and I put out the patio furniture this weekend, and had dinner out in the backyard on Saturday night, which was great. The dogs loved that we shared, of course. It's been sooo warm, so I've been wearing lots of skirts and shorts, and loving the sunshine! I need to buy more summery pregnant clothes, I am not prepared. I feel kind of stupid buying like 8 pairs of maternity jeans off of Craigslist, but I'm sure we still have lots of cold days left - spring always likes to leave right when we think it's actually here to stay. The babies have been pretty active, and I love seeing my stomach move so much! It's distracting though, I try to watch TV and usually just sit with my shirt up over my stomach watching the babies dance around in there. Jamie has hockey a couple times a week out in Richmond, so I've started swimming while he is there, because there is a pool right next to the hockey arena! I take it veryyyyy easy, and just slowly slowly kick with my legs while keeping my upper body afloat with a couple of those 'kick board' things. I get a lot of Braxton Hicks contractions if I go too hard, so I don't leave the slow lane, haha. It's really helping my back though, my upper body is completely supported and afloat so I can relax my shoulders and it's great.

Diabetes.... has been pretty awesome! Knock on wood. I have accepted that my insulin to carb ratios are not what they used to be, and am no longer afraid to give myself more insulin. (I'm always a chicken with trying out new pump settings). I am getting into a routine where it's more 'proactive' rather than 'reactive' and that's helping a lot. Don't get me wrong - there are still times where it's stupid and doesn't work properly, but that is usually due to crappy carb counting on my part. Tonight was one of those nights, but my blood came down within an hour or so (from a not too high level) and I'm happy with that. I'm starting to run low in the middle of the night, but don't want to cut my basals. I'd rather wake up at 4AM and have a juice box (because I'm up to pee anyways!!) instead of possibly running high all night long. There is no worse feeling than waking up with a high blood sugar, knowing that it was there all night. I've asked a lot of questions about complications from diabetes to the Doctor I am seeing every few weeks, and everything seems to be okay. There can be a whole bevy of problems if you get pregnant without having a handle on your diabetes, but none of those signs are showing up in everything they've seen so far. The boys have little hearts with all the proper chambers and flow (and they are always so kind to keep their arms wide open during ultrasounds to show off their hearts... Although they do the same with their legs, LOL) At this point, we can start to see problems if the babies are getting 'fat' essentially. They always measure them to percentiles, and we're watching to make sure that their skulls aren't suddenly in the 40th percentile, while their stomachs jumped to the 90th percentile. So far so good, and I'm just hoping and hoping things stay that way. I know there still can be complications, especially with them being twins - and the potential of them being preemies, but all I can do is the best I can and hope it all works out. I'm trying to get an ultrasound report from a little over a week ago, because I hate not knowing anything. Hopefully I'll get that one tomorrow and I can do my usual over-obsessive research on how the results look, haha. Good ol' Dr. Google!

Ooh! And after a terrible experience with a thigh site a little over a week ago, which I accidentally ripped out only a few hours after placement, I had a great experience the past couple of days. I think it's been helpful because I've been wearing 'baggier' clothing, and chanting to myself 'infusion site, infusion site' every time I walk into the bathroom (Thigh sites get ripped out while pulling down your pants to pee, sorry for the TMI) I put in a new one this afternoon, and hoping it goes as well as before. I can't use my stomach anymore, and my hips have just been getting a little bit beat up. I find sites look a little bit worse after pulling them out, which is maybe from the increased amount of insulin running through them in a day? Either way, I'm excited to have a new spot, and the absorption seems to be pretty good too! YAY.
Roxie, the boys and I enjoying the sunshine!

Okay, survey time :)

How far along? 25 weeks, 4 days
Total weight gain: I haven't weighed myself in a day or so, but I'm up about 13-14 lbs now.
Maternity Clothes? Mostly, yep! I tried out a skirt Jamie bought me a few years ago (non maternity obviously) and it fit pretty good. I can fit most of my old shorts etc under my belly, although I am really planning on getting a couple more summery maternity shorts/skirts. Shirts are a different story for the most part. Normal T-shirts are no good (except for a mens large) but some of my empire waist tank tops from Abercrombie are working pretty well for me! I would say I'm wearing mostly maternity clothes though for sure.
Stretch Marks? Fingers crossed, still okay. I have a red mark on my belly button, but I think it's scarring from my bellybutton ring, boo. Other than that, they seem to be staying away... I'm not sure for how long though, I don't see how much more my skin can really stretch!!
Sleep: Meh, not great again. The body pillow is helping, but I'm finding that my hips are really hurting in the morning. So I tend to shift to lying on top of the body pillow somewhere in the middle of the night, which is uncomfortable in its own way. Of course, I also have a second 'pillow' which is Holly! She has started sleeping in between Jamie and I (usually on a part of my body pillow) and she takes up a decent amount of room. She also likes to sleep right next to my head, and she smells like white cheddar popcorn for some reason, LOL. I love the cuddles though, so I don't kick her out. She keeps my spot warm while I pee every few hours too, what a nice girl.
Miss anything?  Same as before - no back pain, rib pain and I would LOVE a drink. I saw the chiropractor a couple times, but haven't decided if it was making a difference so I haven't gone back. My regular days are okay, as long as I'm not stuck in a doctors office chair, because it's sitting that kills me. Other than that, I spend a lot of time either on my feet, or lying down which really helps. I've started actually tightening a belt around my ribs when they're sore, and that's been a lifesaver, haha. And booze... I miss booze. I was out this weekend buying some for Jamie and got some dirty looks at the liquor store, sheesh!!
Movement:  Yep! Every week I think 'wow, they move so much more than last week' and it's still continuing. I'm sad for when they run out of room and can't move as much - my OB thinks that'll happen around 30-32 weeks.
Food cravings: I love food! I got my Costco pizza last week (which was amazing, and I bolused PERFECTLY for) and now I'm on a big white cheddar popcorn fix (maybe why I think that's what Holly smells like in the middle of the night?), along with apples and peanut butter, and raspberry/blueberry mixes. I'm spending a fortune on fresh berries, but it's sooo worth it. But yeah, food is great. Jamie also made us hamburgers last week, yum! I love BBQ season.
Anything making you queasy or sick? Nope.
Best moment this week: Ahhhhh, success with my thigh infusion set!
Labour signs:  Just BH contractions if I do too much, my stomach tightens up really easily now, and it doesn't take much. I have another ultrasound on Thursday and hoping everything is still looking good in there and no symptoms that they're moving down too much or anything.
Symptoms: Still issues with my back, and I had my first bout of heartburn today - ouch!! Oh, and it's a mission in order to get off of the couch now, haha.
Bellybutton in or out? Flat, and starting to pop at the top!
Wedding rings on or off? Still on! They're a TINY bit tighter than before, but they were usually pretty loose. I think it has something to do with the hot weather too.
Happy or moody most of the time? Happy! Although I know I've had many 'moments' in the past week or so - Jamie would know that. According to me right now, I think I've been in a lovely mood 100% of the time :)
Looking forward to: Seeing the high risk Doctor on Thursday for another ultrasound. My Mother-in-law is coming along and I can't wait for her to see her Grandbabies in 'person'.... well, kind of! Hoping Jamie is able to make it too.
Comparison Pic!

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