Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Almost Vegas Time!!!

I really forget to post here all the time... So I'm going to try to update more often, but maybe not post as much. Jamie and I are off to Vegas on Saturday! I wasn't going to get a loaner pump, because I figured in Vegas it would be easy enough to get a pump to me should something go wrong. I called Animas to order an extra battery cap and cartridge cap, and mentioned that I was going to Vegas... Apparently Animas Canada does NOT ship to the States! Sooo, I ordered a loaner pump (for Vegas and the Cruise)and it should be coming tomorrow or the next day! I'm terrified that I will lose it, but it will go straight into the safe from our carry-on and it will be sent back to Animas as soon as I'm back from the trips!

I really want to get a one touch mini for the trips, but I don't think I have time to get one... I can always bring along my spare Contour meter, I think I still have 100 strips left over for it!

Jamie and I are going to get back on the TTC train before we know it, hopefully early in the new year... Just gotta get done with these silly eye drops! But I think I need to make another appt with the clinic and get everything back up to where I was operating before. January 1st is my turnaround day, and then it's all diabetes, all planning for baby. I will be focused!!!!! I've been really slacking on writing down everything (although my numbers are still really good) and the new year will be the perfect time to start buckling down. I'm going to technically be on the drpos until February, but it will only be 1X/ day from January 6th on... So I'm not too worried about TTC with the drops, and I will just stop them if I do actually get pregnant. But I'm going to google this a little bit more, those drops are a little bit scary. :)

Anyways, watching the biggest loser, so back to that!

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