Saturday, July 1, 2017

Adam & Scott's 4th birthday/ New room!

I haven't updated on Adam & Scott for a whole year! Life has been crazy busy, but things are great.

Adam & Scott turned 4 on June 23rd. Jamie and I wanted to do something different for them, so we decided to do a bit of an "IKEA hack" and finish the space underneath their beds so that they each have their own play area.  After weeks of shopping and planning on my part (I can be a tad obsessive...) we dropped the boys off at my parents' house on Saturday to surprise them Sunday morning. We used Trofast wall mounted systems and attached them to the headboard portion of the KURA beds. We installed LED fairy lights purchased from and used an extension cord and cord with an on/off switch so that the boys can turn the lights on by themselves. For the curtains I bought cheap shower curtains and my MIL was nice enough to cut them in half and hem them and add some more holes so that they could be mounted. We used sash wire from Walmart and 12mm split rings to mount them to the bed. Underneath we kept it pretty simple with a POANG chair (I didn't know the kids version came in different colours!!) and a family photo.

My Mom also bought the boys an extra dresser - Don't even get me started on how long it took me to find something matching that is customizable and discontinued at IKEA, but we got there. The boys have been running out of space in their drawers for a while, so now they each have their own clothing space which will be great. It will make laundry days more difficult but I think I can manage.

The boys LOVED their new space. Since then they play down there quite a bit, stash all of their toys and books and I'm really glad we did it. We also found a used Gro-Clock and that has been amazing. We have gone from the boys waking up (early) and whining, to two happy little dudes strolling into our room at 7:20 to wake me up. I love it.

For their party, we had a Star Wars themed bash at my parents' house as usual. Saturday night was super hot, and Jamie and I bought some cookie icing (which was super expensive!) from Michaels thinking it would be perfect to decorate the cakes.... Unfortunately, I didn't google reviews first, because this icing (Wiltons!!) was awful. It literally just pooled down and melted. We tried putting it in the fridge and it didn't help at all. Somehow we managed to pull off two cakes (Yoda for Adam and BB8 for Scott) and lightsaber cupcakes.

The boys got a lot of great stuff and are in love with all of their new toys, and loved spending the day with those who came out to celebrate! They are such lucky little guys.
Happy Scott

Happy Adam 

Our attempt at a family shot! 

The boys got to pick out bikes from Gramma and Poppa as well. Adam chose a hot wheels bike, and Scott picked a Minions bike... Complete with 'Fart Blaster' IE a noise box attached to it which makes fart noises and then giggles. Boys!!! They're not comfortable trying without the training wheels quite yet, but I think they'll be ready to take the next step soon; they sure had a lot of practice on their Strider bikes and are going SO fast on the new bikes already! I can't believe how big they're getting.

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