Sunday, September 4, 2016

Third Birthday Party

Adam & Scott turned 3 on June 23rd and we celebrated with a Frozen/ Olaf themed party! The boys have been obsessed with Frozen for months so it was an easy decision for a theme.

The party was held at my Parents' house again, and we were lucky with another beautiful day! 
Kiddos playing in the pool  
The birthday boys 
We played the 'who's who' game, and also had an 'Olaf Making' competition. The winners, as chosen by Adam, Scott & Abrielle were Jamie, Uncle Peter, and Stacey! 
Who's Who game 
Some Olafs
More Olafs

As per tradition, Jamie was the head cake decorator, and I was in charge of the cupcakes. The boys were so excited for their cakes - Olaf + a baby Olaf for Adam and Olaf in 'Summer Snow' for Scott! 

It was an amazing day with family and friends, and the boys came home with a whole haul of fun stuff. Lucky ducks!!

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  1. How sweet 3rd birthday bash!! The birthday kid is looking so innocent. Thanks for sharing the photos from this bash. Well, my little prince will turn 3 in the next month. You know he has demanded a star wars birthday party at his favorite garden themed San Francisco venues where he attended his cousin’s birthday.