Thursday, March 3, 2016

Christmas 2015!

Seeing as I've already done a post about all of the fall festivities, I figure I'll keep this simple and just share some Christmas photos before (finally) doing a big update. Which will take me another 6 months, of course. Oops. 

The whole Christmas season was so much fun this year! The boys did (reasonably) well with Santa, and we did a little advent gift thing for them this year, with a different (dollar store) present every day. They were always so excited to run downstairs and pick from the box every morning. They were a huge help decorating the tree, and even went ice skating for the first time (we're now doing lessons), to really get in the spirit. Christmas Eve was spent at my parents' house, with an afternoon church service and dinner. We went to my inlaws' house for Christmas morning, and then back again after nap time for another turkey dinner. Overall it was a great December and holiday season. 

Some pics...
Santa 2015 - Scott & Adam 
Their box of advent gifts
"It's beard season" - Scott & Adam 
Books! Adam & Scott 
Some Christmas Crafts
Christmas brunch at my Parents' house - Scott & Adam 
Christmas Eve church service - Adam & Scott 
Cuties leaving out treats (and booze) for Santa - Adam & Scott 
All was calm, all was bright... 
Christmas morning chaos 
Trying out their new rides from Gramma & Poppa with Abrielle! S & A 
Christmas Dinner! 

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