Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Baby boys are 10 months old!

Happy 10 months my sweet boys!! 
Ten. Ten amazing months have passed since my baby boys were born. They've transformed from teensy little preemies into two little people full of personality, and oh so mobile!  This last month has been fantastic. They are so much FUN now. We are starting to get more sleep, crib naps are (usually) happening, and they are both such good eaters!

So, what happened in the past month? Well if I start reading last months post, right off the bat I can say that we have success with crib naps! We were at a point previously where the babies pretty much never ever napped at home. It was all either in the stroller or the car. At the time of my last monthly update, I had attempted my first crib nap, and it went 'okay'. Now, we've gotten to the point where the boys are put down completely awake, they play/babble for a bit, and then just.... go to sleep. It's not perfect, there are days where it doesn't happen like it 'should', but overall it's been great. The big thing for us has been consistency, which is both good and bad. I am at home a lot more than I used to be, and life revolves around getting home for lunch and afternoon naps! But it sure is great to have time to myself at home, so I won't complain. Eventually we'll be down to two (hopefully longer) naps and that will free up some more time to get out of the house for longer periods of time. I'm worried I'm going to start gaining weight now that I'm not walking quite as much! I'm still trying to make a point to go out in the afternoon before dinner for a walk, but it's not a must do like it was before, so I take quite a few days off - oops.

Nights aren't terrible either. We have a great bedtime routine: dinner, naked time, bath, lotion, jammies, nursing, teethies brushed, book, and bed. It works like a charm and we put them down wide awake every night. I think back to when I would nurse them to sleep and Jamie would try to slow-w-w-l-l-y-y-y transfer them to their cribs without waking them because that would start the whole process over again. It is just pretty simple now. The boys normally sleep for 4-6 hours at the beginning and now we have quite a few nights where after the first feeding they sleep until 5AM(ish) and then stay in bed until 7:30. Of course some days are worse than others, but overall I would say we're pretty solid on 2 night wakings at this point. Yay! We had to do a little bit more cry it out at the 2AM wakings, but it didn't take long at all, and they are pretty much eliminated. I would feed them, but I know they're not starving 2-3 hours after they last nursed! To sum it up: I don't dread naptimes/ bedtimes/ the middle of the night anymore. That is a very good thing.

Now for food -  the boys are such little porkers. They love eating anything and everything. We recently bought some of those 'Lobster' high chairs that attach directly onto the overhang on our counter and it's been great. Lunch time is so much easier when I don't have to drag the high chairs back and forth all the time, and the boys LOVE self feeding. They are almost always up in the morning with Jamie, and he gives them some eggs and banana. Lunch time is varied, anything from pancakes or french toast (made with breast milk) to grilled cheese,chicken and beans, pasta, peas, cauliflower... etc. We've just been cutting things up into small pieces and letting them have at 'er. They'll eat some cheerios or bites of cottage cheese in the afternoon, and then dinner is starting to be pretty much whatever we're having, just modified a bit. If we're having shake n bake chicken and potatoes, they'll just get plain chicken, and potatoes with less spice etc. We sometimes do oatmeal as well, just to try to really top them up. They love cheerios and can plow through handfuls like crazy.Suremfire way to keep them happy when I want them to sit quietly in the stroller while shopping! Funny story about food - we went out for dinner for Jamie's birthday with my inlaws and ordered the boys a cheesey alfredo pasta kids meal. Scott stuffed himself, I honestly don't know where he put it all. Adam wasn't quite as great of an eater that night, but really enjoyed chomping on garlic bread.

What else... We moved from the infant seats into convertible car seats in the past month, and it's been great! I have low profile seats in my van so I can now see both babies in my rear view mirror, I love it. The boys seem to really enjoy the new seats too. It's a little bit more work while shopping to take the boys in and out, but they weren't happy hanging out in the infant seats while in the stroller so it was time to make the switch. They're such big boys now. They still love naked time before their bath, and are really starting to interact with each other a lot now. We've started spending some time outside in the yard in the sunshine, and it's been lots of fun. We just hang out on a big blanket and they chomp on cheerios, so cute. They have little Winnie the Pooh hats, adorable. We met the Easter Bunny, who was absolutely terrifying. They didn't cry, but it wasn't exactly a fun experience for them I'm sure! They love soothers again, but not really to actually suck on, more so to use as teething toys.

We moved them from the middle bedroom to the one at the back of the house. We have about the creakiest house in the world and every time we walked past their room (to get to the master bedroom) it would wake them up. Their new room is a little bit bigger too, and it's been a great transition. We haven't switched over their closet yet. We (Jamie) need to fill in the holes/ paint the closet in their new room and then put some shelving or something in there. It should be easy to get it how I like it though, it's a much better shape of closet than in their old room. They are still in size 3 diapers, and just graduated to 9 month clothing, along with a lot of 6-12 stuff, etc. Of course every brand fits totally different. I feel like I am missing 100 things we've done in the past month. Every day is a blur, but such a great one. They are such funny, loving boys. Both of them are so cuddly and sweet and adorable and I couldn't love them more if I tried!

  Picture time!! 

Adam & Scott - 10 months old! 
Playtime! They always stand up like this in the dark before their naps! S & A
Easter Dinner! Scott & Adam
Baby jail! Adam & Scott 
Adam and Scott - cottage cheese mouths! 
Trying to get ready with the babies! Adam in blue 
New clip on high chairs! Scott & Adam 
Happy hungry boys, Scott L, Adam R 
We know it's naptime when we see 'rubba eyes'! A left, S right
Meeting the scary Easter Bunny! Scott & Adam 
I love these three so much! Scott, Daddy, Adam
Scott trying out his new car seat! 
Birth: 3 lbs, 15 oz
1 Month: 5 lbs, 5 oz
2 Months: 7 lbs, 6 oz
3 Months: 9 lbs, 12 oz
4 Months: 11 lbs, 10 oz
5 Months: 13 lbs, 8 oz
6 Months: 14 lbs, 2 oz
7 Months: 15 lbs, 3 oz
8 Months: 16 lbs, 1 oz
9 Months: 16 lbs, 9 oz
10 Months: 16 lbs, 14 oz

Oh Addy-Cadabby, my big little man. Addy-Cadabby is what we're calling him now, because we have a Sesame Street toy with Abby-Caddabby, so it fits! Adam has had a great month. He crawls like crazy now, and can easily keep up with Scott. He likes to pull to stand on everything and has finally mastered getting back down. It's so cute - he always spreads his legs and bends at the waist, catching himself with a hand before dropping to his knees. He perfected this one day where he literally did it 15 times in a row. Up, down, up, down, up, down. Adam is a big cuddlebug, and still has the most high pitched shriek I have ever heard. It's piercing, seriously. He has 6 teeth (4 top, 2 bottom) and the third bottom one is just about to poke through any minute. He is an amazing stair climber and during naked time, he'll often disappear into the laundry room and want to start climbing the stairs to the main floor. Ahh!! He is a great eater, and very precise with self feeding. He will use his thumb and forefinger to pick up one piece at a time. We've started bathing them without bath seats as of a couple days ago, and Adam refuses to sit on his bum, he would rather be in a crawling position the entire time. He is the hardest baby to get to stay on his back during a diaper change - he's part alligator, I swear! He's had quite a few longer stretches of sleeping, and I'm so hoping this is a new trend! He still loves getting his face blown on, and in his new car seat, it tends to make his hair all staticy and stick straight up, it's adorable. I love him so much!! 

Crawling at Nana and Grampys
Mmm lunch time!
Lounging in the sun and enjoying cheerios!
New carseat in Daddy's truck!
Little soother hoarder
'Oh hi Momma! Trying to eat lunch?'
Snuggles with Daddy 
Getting into the DVD's at Gramma's! 
Being silly with Grampy
Toy hoarder in the car!
Oh, Adam. This was because I wouldn't let him bite my toes.
Garbage bins are so fun 
Helping me install Scott's car seat!
Birth: 3 lbs, 9 oz
1 Month: 4 lbs, 13 oz
2 Months: 6 lbs, 12 oz
3 Months: 8 lbs, 13 oz
4 Months: 10 lbs, 8 oz
5 Months: 12 lbs, 8 oz
6 Months: 13 lbs, 8 oz
7 Months: 14 lbs, 11 oz
8 Months: 15 lbs, 13 oz
9 Months: 16 lbs, 4 oz
10 Months: 16 lbs, 11  oz

Scooty! My wild little goober. Scott has a big toothy smile that can light up any room. He is hilarious, fast, boisterous, and he's my little magnet for injury! So far he's busted open his lip, gotten a black eye, bonked his head numerous times (well, Adam too), and today he got his finger squished in a toy. I am mentally preparing myself for what he will get himself into as he gets older. He is so mobile, can fly across the couch (and then on to the activity table, jumperoo, etc) before I even notice he's moving. He makes it a personal mission each day to try to get to the dog food and water, but our new baby gate is really helping with that one! He is just so funny. He eats by shoving food in his mouth by the handful, throwing out big grins the entire time. He is the most acrobatic nurser, always wants to stand, or sit next to me, or stick his butt up. I love the middle of the night feedings with him, because it's a rare time where he just nurses in a snuggly position. He can easily climb two steps, but gets scared on the big stairs. He is starting to babble much more, and said 'Mama' the other day, but it was more of a whine. He has 7 teeth (4 top, 3 bottom) and shows them off constantly. His hair is starting to grow in more, and he's totally strawberry blonde. Scott can make strange every once in a while. I'll put him down somewhere, and he'll be fine, then suddenly notice I'm not right there and BURST into tears. He doesn't cry all that much, but when he does, it's a meltdown! Luckily, Mommy cuddles makes everything better. He's starting to sleep longer stretches too, and I am very thankful for that! I love my little goober! 

Happy boy with his new jumperoo 
Scott LOVES Harley! 
Playing safe, as usual! 
His way of using a wubbanub! 
Baby model?
New carseat in Daddy's truck! 
mmmm, cheerios! 
At Home Depot with Mommy getting some soil!
Selfie on the porch
Polishing off a kids meal at Boston Pizza! 
So adorable. Having a great time swinging! 
Finally, I see a resemblance! 
Blue eyed sweetie on Easter! 


  1. They are so cute!!! Just wanted to see if you would share advice on transition to the crib? I nurse my almost 9 month old to sleep and we cosleep. How did you guys do it? Way to go! Also, what car seat did you get? I think my little guy needs a new one.

    1. Hi Kelsey! Thanks for reading :) My babies have pretty much always slept in their cribs, at least part of the night. I used to co sleep on and off (usually because I'd fall asleep while nursing) but now they are only in their cribs. We had to do a little bit of cry it out, but now the babies are put down in their own cribs completely awake and they put themselves to sleep. I think I went into a bit more detail about it a few posts down.

      For car seats, I have Graco Myride 65's in my van, and my husband has Evenflo Momentums. I love the Gracos, because they aren't quite as HIGH, and I can see both babies in the rear view mirror!

  2. Thank you!! You are a great mom and I love reading about what works for you because it gives me ideas as I parent my 9 month old son!