Thursday, December 15, 2011

It's that time of the year...

Well, Christmas is coming, and as per usual I am completed unprepared. We have our tree, but haven't gotten around to decorating it yet! The rest of the inside is looking pretty completed, just not the tree yet - maybe I'll get to it tonight. Jamie finished the outside a few weeks ago, and we're getting there! Need to do a shit-ton of shopping still... Have 2 secret Santa's on Monday and have barely started shopping for Jamie! Sheesh.

The cruise was amazing, and I am very sad to be home! The weather was amazing, and I got a wonderful tan! My blood wasn't terrible, but not amazing either.

My pump had a little bit of a mental breakdown, and I am not thrilled with Animas' response when I contacted them about it. We woke up in the middle of the night to my pump beeping and vibrating frantically and it said 'no delivery, call customer support, remove battery to silence'... So I obviously didn't want to pay $12 a minute to call Animas from the ship so I pulled the battery and popped it back in. It gets almost fully rewound (because of course every time you take out the battery the animas pump needs to be fully primed)and then I got another error message. Starting to get a little nervous at this point, but the second time I tried it ended up working and I went back to bed. Everything was great until the next morning (about 30 hours later) when after breakfast, I got ANOTHER error message. Popped the battery (for the third time!!) and after another rewind it seemed to be okay, and it's been working fine since.

I called Animas when I got home, and they basically said that the first one was 'probably' was due to an occlusion. She asked if my blood sugars were high (they were on the lower end, between 3.1 and 4.5) and there was no reason why it should have been an occlusion. She said the second error was 'probably' due to pressure in the piston and that the third one was 'probably' due to another occlusion. They won't replace the pump because they are all slightly different error codes and to get a replacement you need to have the same error code 3 times in 30 days. So I'm stuck with a pump that has 'something' wrong with the hardware, but they don't know what. Ugh. Plus, I want to switch to a black pump, the paint is peeling off on the corners and I think if I had the black one, it would look better because it's black under the paint. Seriously though, THIS is the best technology we can get for $7,000? My cell phone can do 10000 times more things than this silly pump can. I guess it's got an important purpose, but it just feels like they could do better.

On another topic, Jamie and I have decided to start trying not on this next cycle (which should have started about... yesterday) but the next one, so about 6 weeks from now! I have another diabetes appt next week and it's time to get back into the swing of things, and being 100% diligent again. I'm excited to see what my A1C is now. I don't think it'll be that great, but I'm hopeful it'll still be below 6.5!

Until next time....

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